Thank you for visiting Seal That Food.  I am an entrepreneur, mother, and a wife. I am also the only female member in our home, the one who does most of the household chores, the person that chooses the products we use to maintain our home, and the one who takes care of maintenance.

I strive to maintain daily chores  in  the easiest way possible. When considering household appliances, I look for products that will do what they are suppose to, while assisting with making household jobs easier.  Lastly, I consider user friendliness, style, design, compatibility, and size.

Writing gives me the opportunity to share my research with others who are looking for impartial product reviews. My reviews take into consideration pros, cons, and features. They reveal the facts and is a clear indication of what the consumer can expect. However, it is important to keep in mind that nothing is perfect and what may work well for one person may not work as well for the next.

Why write reviews on vacuum sealers?

As I’ve already mentioned, I do most of the work at home and I’m passionate about doing things effectively. Choosing products that are easy to use and maintain encourages my family to do the same.  A vacuum sealer would allow me to buy in bulk, help to decrease the occurrences of food waste due to freezer burns, and help to keep foods fresher longer.

I should mention that I’m a southern girl and a bit picky about the foods I eat and cook. When I locate hard to find food products, I like to stock up. I also cook a great deal for the holidays, practice portion control (at times), and am constantly looking for ways to save money. Considering all of this, I decided a vacuum sealer would be a great investment so I begin doing some research.

As a result, I decided to share my findings with hopes that my research would be helpful to others.


Your Friend,