Attic Storage and Organization Tips

Proper attic storage will allow you to find things easily and keep things in the best possible condition.  Start with a clean slate, by moving everything out, or moving it to one corner of your attic.  Then designate spaces for like items.  For example keep bedding in one area, home décor in one area, toys in one area, luggage in one area, and so on.  Stack boxes neatly, and make sure you don’t place heavy boxes on top of ones that might collapse.  In fact, you might want to invest in some sturdy boxes that can be purchased at a local shipping store or U-Haul rental store, then you can be sure they are similar sizes and sturdy enough to keep your belongings safe.

Attic Storage Ideas

Increase Space and Storage Options:  Vacuum sealing linens, clothing and other items, will offer you more attic space.  You can decrease a pile of clothes or linens to ¾ their original size when you vacuum seal them.  This will still allow you to see what is in the clear bags, too, and you’ll be amazed at the extra room you’ll have.

Give Everything Its Very Own Space:  One way to stay organized and find items easily is to designate attic storage space for like items, and then label those boxes and bags.  Store seasonal items in one area of the attic, bedding and linen in another, and so on.  Consider a space for photos and your kids’ early childhood arts and crafts projects, too.  Those items are dear to your heart, and you want to be able to find them quickly and easily, when you want to look at them.

Vacuum Packing Baby Clothes:  When your children outgrow their clothing, you can vacuum pack them to use for future children, memory’s sake or to give to family and friends for their children.  If you have a favorite coat or outfit that your baby or child has worn, vacuum pack it to keep it clean and free from air.  This will keep the fabric in good condition, and will keep out insects.

Attic Organization

Storing Items Properly Before Placing Them in the Attic:  Before you start organizing your attic, hang shelves, wrap items securely in packing materials, then pack them in a box and label them.  Make sure you have boxes, containers, bags and other supplies on hand to make organizing and attic storage a breeze.  The right tools and supplies can make a big difference in your attic organization.

Do It Yourself Storage Space Video

Stacking Items Properly:  When stacking items, make sure you keep the heaviest and most durable boxes and containers on the bottom, then place lighter boxes or vacuum packed bags on top of those.  This will ensure your items will be free of damage.

Vacuum Packing to Keep Items Protected:  Not only does vacuum packing items offer you more attic storage space, because it reduces the bulk, but it also keeps items clean and free of dust and debris.  It’s also a good way to keep linens and clothing free of pet hair and dander, water damage, insects, etc.  You can also vacuum seal old photos and important documents that can be easily damaged by the elements.  You can keep precious memories and important papers safe for future generations by vacuum sealing them.

Break Items Down to Create More Room:  If you are planning on storing items that can be taken apart, then consider taking them apart before storing them.  This might include furniture and children’s toys, as well as other things.  This will make storing them easier, and they won’t take up as much space as they would if you stored them when assembled.

Taking time to arrange for attic organization can make stored items much easier to find.  It’s important to store these items properly in your attic, because items stored are usually not used for years, so you’ll want to plan for long-term storage.

Once your attic is organized you will appreciate the benefits of it such as being able to pass baby and children’s clothing on to their siblings, or passing kids’ toys and clothing down to grandchildren.  You’ll also preserve precious memories for future generations from events throughout the past years.

Important:  When preparing items for attic storage, be sure to leave a walkway and clear access, so you can easily grab any item you need.  This is also important for safety issues, because clutter and no clear pathway can lead to falls.

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