Best Food Saver Containers

There are many choices for food saver containers on the market today, including many different brands, types and sizes.  Some of the best known on the market are FoodSaver brand containers, canisters and marinators.  Each product offers many functions to accommodate a variety of storage needs.

Use FoodSaver Deli Containers For Cold Cuts 

FoodSaver deli containers are capable of holding up to 1 pound of deli meat.  Now you can buy deli meat when it’s on sale, and seal it in these vacuum sealed containers, then place in the freezer for later, or in your refrigerator.  You can also do this, if you are planning a party.  Buy deli meat on sale or in bulk then seal and freeze it.  Meat and other foods will keep fresh for weeks in your refrigerator, which cuts down on food spoilage.

If you’re tired of wasting deli meat, because your family doesn’t eat it quickly enough, then seal it in one of these deli containers for fresher, longer lasting quality and taste.  Stop wasting food and money!  Use it for hotdogs, too.

Some people use the FoodSaver deli containers to store fresh herbs and spices.  The containers keep foods fresh that you don’t use often, and there’s no problem with frequent re-sealing, so you can open and re-seal them as often as needed, and you can experience the pleasure of fresh herbs and spices with all of your meals.

Cut a head of lettuce in half, and seal the other half in one of these deli containers, and you’ll be amazed at the freshness of the lettuce even after a week or two.

The FoodSaver deli containers can hold other foods, as well, such as fruits and vegetables and cheese.  Or you can store freshly made pastas and rice in a FoodSaver container. These vacuum sealer containers are nice, because they easily stack on top of each other to take up minimal room in your freezer or refrigerator.

They fit nicely in your refrigerator deli drawer, too, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as being BPA free, stain resistant and odor proof.

FoodSaver Canisters for Dry Food Storage 

FoodSaver canisters are ideal for dry foods that you buy in bulk.  Store them in your pantry or refrigerator based on food types.  Consider using them for nuts, cereals, grains, dry pastas, etc.

Make homemade trail mix, and keep it fresh by sealing it in a FoodSaver canister.  There’s nothing quite as good as fresh nuts, dried fruits, coconut and other products that you’ve purchased fresh from the market and added to your own trail mix.

Buy your kids’ favorite cereals when they are on sale, and store them in a vacuum sealer container.  The cereal will stay much fresher than it would in the boxes or bags you purchased it in.

The FoodSaver canisters are BPA free, stain resistant and odor proof.  And they are dishwasher safe.

FoodSaver Marinator for Tastier Foods 

The FoodSaver Quick Marintor is available in a 2.25 qt size canister that vacuum marinates foods in minutes.  It can also be used for everyday, convenient storage.

The FoodSaver Marinator is designed for use with FoodSaver vacuum sealing systems.  It fills foods with savor in a matter of minutes rather than waiting hours, if you marinate the conventional way.  It uses suction to pierce marinades into the food.

It is BPA free, stain resistant, odor proof, dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Marinate fish with a lemon marinade, then prepare it on the grill for a delicious main course.  Use your favorite flavored marinade on steaks, chicken and other foods, then grill, bake or fry them.  You can enjoy juicy and succulent meats that have been marinated for only 20 minutes, rather than overnight with conventional marinating methods.  Impress family and guests with delicious and quick meals!

One person shared that she doesn’t use wet marinade sauces, but simply puts sea salt and black pepper on her steaks.  She used the FoodSaver Quick Marinator only using the sea salt and pepper, and left it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.  Then she grilled the steaks, and she said the outcome was magnificent.  Flavors like she never experienced before.

Other Brand Food Saver Containers

There are other brands of food saver containers to choose from, some of which offer the same quality and dependability as the Foodsaver Brand. Many consumers agree that FoodSaver makes some of the best food storage containers. Sizes and prices will likely vary and not all will be vacuum sealer containers.

The main thing to consider when looking into purchasing one of these containers is if your vacuum sealed container will hold the test of time. Many will become unsealed so its a good idea to check seals often to avoid food spoilage. As you use experiment with different brands of containers, you’ll likely form your own opinion and develop person favorites.


If you have a FoodSaver vacuum sealing system, then make sure you purchase the FoodSaver brand containers.  Not all vacuum sealing containers will work in every system.

The FoodSaver containers, canisters and marinators can be used along with vacuum sealing, or simply use them as convenient storage containers in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

FoodSaver brands are quality made to last.  They won’t absorb odors or stains, and are completely safe for your family.

Now you can buy foods in bulk and on sale, and preserve them in these Food Saver containers.

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