Chamber Vacuum Sealer Overview

What is a chamber vacuum sealer?  A chamber vacuum sealer is a vacuum sealer that operates via chamber technology.  It is typically larger and bulkier in size when compared to external vacuum sealers. Unlike other vacuum sealers,  chamber technology addresses the issue posed by some other vacuum sealers with limited functionality when it comes to sealing liquid rich foods.

chamber vacuum sealer is ideal when planning longer sealing sessions.  Of course there are many external sealers that perform well, but not under constant pressure. This means that in order to get the most accurate seal, breaks are often needed to avoid unit malfunctioning.

When should a Chamber Sealer be used?  You can use a chamber vacuum style sealer just as you would an external style vacuum sealer.  However, a chamber model is built to withstand longer periods of sealing. So if you plan on packing and sealing large quantities of food, then one of these units would likely cut your sealing time in half.  Many small store owners and people who enjoy sous vide cooking prefer chamber style vacuum sealers. This is because the chances of obtaining effective seals increase with the use of chamber technology as it lessens the need for resealing and frequent breaks.

How do Chamber Vacuum Sealers work?

Chamber style vacuum sealers operate via chamber technology, which removes air from the entire chamber, not just the bag.  Air pressure is distributed evenly on all sides of the bag, which is why liquids stay in, unlike with external vacuum sealers. This is different from how external vacuum sealers operate. Instead of sealing only one end,  the entire bag is placed into a chamber to remove air evenly from both the chamber and the bag.  Air is then removed out of the bag while the bag is left open. The sealing bar is located inside the chamber, which makes this appliance ideal for sealing liquid rich foods.

How to decide which vacuum sealer is best?  With so many vacuum sealer options available, how do you decide which one is best for your needs?  Consider what you will be sealing, the volume and types of food you want to seal. Also and equally important, consider your budget and what others are saying about vacuum sealer brands. Read reviews to get users insight on the unit being considered.

An Overview of the Ary VacMaster VP112 Chamber Style Vacuum Sealer

Keep in mind that chamber sealers tend to require more of a learning curve, but they will almost always last longer when compared to external vacuum sealers. Additionally, they can generally withstand longer periods of sealing.  The bags tend to cost less than bags used with external vacuum sealers. The downside is that most chamber vacuum sealers are more expensive than external vacuum sealers.

Quality of performance.  A chamber sealer is made for commercial grade use, even those that are considered to be residential units.  They’re built to handle tough sealing jobs and will typically last longer than external vacuum sealers.  Large sealing chambers and built in pumps allow for quick and more effective sealing.

Chamber sealers may not be ideal for all. For example, because they are bulkier, they tend to take up more space. This may be an inconvenience for households needing a compact vacuum sealer or for individuals looking for a food sealer for a small apartment or dorm. Because chamber vacuum sealers are heavy, creating a permanent space on the counter-top would be ideal but not feasible for users with limited space. Users with such limits may consider going for a quality, external sealer, which would in most instances consume less space, but still deliver on performance.

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