Choosing A Commercial Vacuum Sealer

commercial vacuum sealer is one of the most versatile vacuum sealers you can buy. These units are often used by businesses and households whom actively have a need for efficient and effective sealing applications, and benefit from industrial performance. The price on these units will range, however, investing in the right unit can produce money saving benefits for years.

Chamber Technolgy

Many commercial food vacuum sealers uses chamber technology to allow for the sealing of liquid-rich foods such as stews, soups and sous vide applications. Chamber technology allows for the effective sealing of both dry and wet foods, without risk off damaging the unit. These units are heavy duty and built for long-term use.

Although features may very based on models and brands, they are all designed to serve the same purpose. Examples of businesses that may incorporate the use of a commercial sealer on a daily basis include t-shirt shops, candy stores, craft stores, grocery stores, and restaurants just to name a few.

Commercial Vacuum Sealers

Since commercial vacuum sealers are more costly, they are mainly used within commercial food packaging circles. Although, households can often benefit from them, if they seal large volumes of food, or seal foods frequently.  Some of the more common reasons for commercial sealers to be in residents include frequent sealing jobs, owners of mom and pop start up businesses and those who participate in food catering jobs. By investing in a commercial food sealer early on, you’ll be equipped with the tools needed to accommodate the needs of your growing business.

Commercial vacuum sealers are best for heavy duty applications, commercial packaging and frequent, use.  So if you are planning on vacuum sealing foods frequently, and for long periods at a time, then a commercial vacuum sealer may be the optimal choice and a great investment.

Pros and Cons of Commercial Vacuum Sealers

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

When considering a commercial style sealer, the VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer would be a great fit for a variety of needs.

The VacMaster VP215 uses commercial chamber technology and features a chamber size of 11” x 15” x 5.” It has a retractable seal bar and a double wire seal.  The transparent lid allows you to see what’s going on, and this vacuum sealer is heavy duty to handle larger jobs and frequent sealing.

With the VacMaster VP215 you can expect dependable performance without the need for breaks in between. Unlike suction units, with chamber sealers, the vacuum bag or pouch is placed inside of the unit, where air is sucked out of both the chamber and bag itself. This leads to better performance, shorter sealing sessions, and more effective seals on the first attempt.

The VacMaster VP215 weighs about 80 lbs, so it is not portable. 

Pros of the VacMaster VP215 include a stainless steel panel, a powerful rotator oil pump, high suction capacity, seals wet and dry items, operation is easy.  Users may need to spend a bit of time learning the particulars of the unit’s features.

Users love the VacMaster VP215 because it is high on efficiency and extremely easy to use in your home, or in your small commercial eatery, once you become familiar with it.

Other features include a digital display and pressure indicators, and it comes with several storage bags of various sizes.

How does it work?

Simply place the bag inside the chamber and close the lid.  The unit begins to suck air out of both the chamber and pouch itself, allowing liquids to stay inside the bag. The bag is than sealed, returning air back into the chamber area.  It really is an ideal way to vacuum package.

Maintenance on the VacMaster VP215 is easy, too.  It comes with a maintenance kit, and changing the oil of the pump is easy, as well.  Make sure to add oil to the machine when first using it.

VacMaster VP215 Summary

Overall, the VacMaster VP215 is the ideal solution to all your storage needs if any of the below listed applies!

  • If you’re tired of buying expensive bags and prefer to buy quality bags in bulk
  • If you, frequently seal items with liquids such as sauces, stews, and soups
  • If you, use your Vacuum sealer for longer sealing sessions
  • If you’re looking to make an investment that will more than pay for itself by delivering on performance
  • If you, own a small business
  • If you, engage in sous vide cooking applications

Marinate foods with this chamber vacuum sealer, too, to infuse delicious flavors into them before cooking them.

The VacMaster VP215 is definitely worth your money!  It is built to deliver top notch performance, and it is efficient and reliable.  Small restaurants, culinary associations and delis all can benefit from this appliance, and so can you at home.

This unit is a top-seller.  It runs quick and silently, and it performs consistently. Users are very satisfied. The Vacmaster VP215 commercial grade vacuum sealer comes highly recommended!

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