Choosing A Food Vacuum Sealer for Home Use

There are a few things to consider when choosing a food vacuum sealer for home use.  Some might seem obvious to you, and others maybe not so much. I’m sharing some tips that will help you decide on which home food vacuum sealer will work best for your particular needs.

Some things to think about include…

Food Vacuum Sealer for Home Use

Consider Household Size:  Take into consideration not only the size of your kitchen where you will use and store your vacuum sealer, but the size of your family/household members.  If you have many members in your household, you may want to consider a larger, more deluxe model when choosing a vacuum sealer for home use.  Make sure you invest in one capable of handling some wear and tear.  Larger size households would likely use a vacuum sealer more frequent for handling daily jobs such as sealing leftovers, packaging bulk purchases, and general storing.

Food sealers are great for larger families.  You can take advantage of sales by buying in bulk. Simple pack and vacuum seal the extras. Vacuum packed foods can last for months and possibly even years!  You can also portion out sizes according to family members and dietary needs, which makes meal preparation a breeze and a joy.

Frequency of Use:  When searching for a food sealer for home use, consider how frequent you’ll be using it.  It you plan on vacuum sealing a lot of food or other items, then make sure you get a model that can withstand lots of use over many years.  You don’t want a cheaper model, that might break down after several uses.

Liquid Rich Foods or Sous Vide Cooking:  Sous Vide Cooking is a means of cooking food in a bag for extended periods of time.  Sometimes up to 72 hours at a lower heat, ensuring even cooking without overcooking.  This allows food to stay juicy and tender.  It’s perfect for meats and vegetables.

You can use a food vacuum sealer to seal food in a bag for Sous Vide cooking.  There are special vacuum sealing bags you can purchase to use with your vacuum sealer that are made especially for Sous Vide cooking.

You will enjoy this method of cooking once you taste how succulent and juicy your food turns out.  Consider getting a Sous Vide Cooking appliance, too, to make things simpler.

Sous Vide Cooking Holiday Tips

Cost of Bags:  Before purchasing a vacuum sealer, you might want to take into consideration the cost of bags.  You can purchase bags in a variety of sizes and quantities, and you can also purchase rolls of plastic that you can cut to the size you need.  I researched some of the prices online at Amazon, and in my opinion, it’s worth the cost considering the money you will save by buying food in bulk and on sale.  Plus think about all of the food you have thrown away in the past, because it was freezer burned.  Vacuum sealing food prevents frost and freezer burned food. So overall, you’ll have better tasting food that has retained it’s nutrients and original flavor, and you’ll have less waste.  Thus the cost of bags is a good investment considering all of those factors.

Sealing Items Other Than Foods:  Some models have options which allow you to seal bags, canisters and wine bottles, so you can seal items other than food.  Other things you might want to seal include clothing, bedding, and anything else you want to store under your bed, in a closet or in the attic.  Many food vacuum sealers have a suction hose that will connect to larger bags, as well as food storage bags, so you can purchase larger bags for clothing and other items. When you vacuum seal them, it removes all the air and compresses the items to a smaller size. This allows for storing more things in one spot or store things in smaller areas.

Many people choose to vacuum seal seasonal clothing and store it under their beds or in their closets, so they have more room for current clothing.  Other people choose to vacuum seal extra blankets and comforters for future use, so that they don’t take up too much room in a closet, attic or basement.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to organize your home, as well as keep food fresh for long periods of time.  A vacuum sealer for home use is a wise investment.

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