Colorful Kitchen Ideas and Organization

Colorful kitchen ideas can easily be obtained regardless of the budget your are working with.  You can start by incorporating items you already have, such as Mason Jars (add colorful items to them, paint them, etc.), old place mats (store items on them, use them for wall décor, sew them together for a runner, etc.), curtains, chair cushions, and any other colorful items you have around your home.  Keep your kitchen décor stored in vacuum sealed bags when not in use, so they will stay clean and protected, and then you can also easily see what’s available, whenever you want to change things up a bit in your kitchen.

More Colorful Kitchen Ideas

Colorful Plants and Flowers:  Adding artificial or real plants and floral arrangements to your kitchen décor is a quick and easy way to add pops of color.  Consider colorful Hibiscus, a variety of different colored Lilies and tropical plants of your choice.  Floral arrangements make lovely table centerpieces, too.

Colorful Lighting:  Lighting is a nice way to add interest and brightness to your kitchen.  Consider a variety of colorful candles, chandeliers/chandelier shades, and small table lamps.  You can also use colorful Mason Jars to hold tea lights or votive candles, or place colorful candles in clear Mason Jars.  You might also want to fill Mason Jars with colorful sand, seashells or other trinkets to add pops of color to your kitchen design.  Choosing candles and other items with different designs will keep the setting fun and interesting.

Pillows and Cushions:  Pillows and cushions are great ways to add color and design to your kitchen.  Consider chair and bench cushions and toss pillows on a window ledge or bench.  Floor pillows are fun, too, if the space is appropriate for them.  Adding colorful pillows with creative designs and patterns will enhance chairs.  Another idea would be to paint old wooden chairs by using a variety of different colors, then add cushions to them, or mix and match your dining/kitchen chairs for an eclectic look that will keep things fun.

Dishes:  Display colorful dishes and glassware around your kitchen to add pops of color to it.  You can fill bowls with potpourri or other decorative items, and use glasses as vases and candle holders.  Colorful plates make a fun base for candles and other items, too.  You can hang colorful cooking utensils on your kitchen walls, or place them in a clear jar, so you can enjoy them every time you enter your kitchen.  And why not mix things up a bit by using colorful utensils for your place settings?

Fruits and Vegetables:  Other colorful kitchen ideas include adding fruits and vegetables to your decor. Dried, fresh or fake fruit, are a nice way to add color and design to your kitchen.  Place colorful peppers, a variety of apples or citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in a basket or bowl, then place them on your table or counter top.  You can also display dehydrated fruits and vegetables in a Mason Jar on top of cupboards, in a china cabinet or on shelves in your kitchen.

How To Make A Fruit Flower Centerpiece

Colorful Kitchen Organization

Food Storage in Mason Jars:  Storing foods in colorful Mason Jars or storing seasonings and dry foods in clear Mason Jars will allow their natural colors to come through, and they will keep well for years when sealed and stored properly.  This is a great way to add color and unique décor to your kitchen.

These are just a few colorful kitchen ideas. Other options to bring some color into your kitchen include painting one or more walls a pretty color, choosing bright wall décor, or by adding colorful floor rugs, curtains and other accessories.  Whether you enjoy bright colors, pastels or something in between, there are many ways to bring awesome color into your kitchen, so that it will be a place you enjoy and look forward to spending time in and showing off to others.

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