Creative Uses for Mason Jars

Discover new creative uses for mason jars which includes everything from creative craft projects to personalized gift ideas. There are many things you can do with Mason Jars.  They are so versatile and inexpensive.  Encourage children to use Mason Jars for their arts and crafts projects, collectibles, to make homemade gifts, and so on.  The possibilities are virtually endless, and so much fun!  Here are some ideas for creative uses for mason jars in your everyday life.

 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

  1. Fill a Mason Jar with your favorite potpourri and use it for pretty décor in any room of your home or office.  When you want to enjoy the scent, simply remove the lid for a while.  Give these as gifts for any occasion, too.
  2. Make gift jars for Teacher Appreciation, Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas, and more.  You can fill Mason Jars with homemade or purchased candies, bath salts, recipe ingredients, etc.  Make some up ahead of time, so you’ll always have extra gifts for last minute or unexpected gift-giving occasions.
  3. Mason Jars are terrific for storing items that you want to keep clean, or that you don’t want to lose.  Use them in the bathroom for cotton balls or cotton swabs; in the sewing room to hold safety pins and buttons, and in the kitchen to store dried foods.
  4. Mason Jars make awesome vases to hold real or artificial flowers, too.  They offer a country style look that is timeless and classic.
  5. Use Mason Jar lids to make craft items such as ornaments, photo frames and other creative ideas for yourself, and as gift items for family and friends.
  6. Mason Jars make lovely centerpieces for your holiday tables.  You can fill them with candies, ornaments, garland, and so on.  You can use them to hold candles, holiday flowers, and pretty much anything else you can think of.
  7. Use Mason Jars with or without lids around your home to create a vintage look and feel. Collect a variety of sizes and colors for your own unique look.  Fill them with your favorite items, or enjoy them empty.
  8. Use Mason Jars for arts and crafts.  You can paint pictures on them and designs that will match your existing décor, or mix things up a bit.  People use these in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more.  You can use different colored jars to paint, fill with sand, seashells, bath salts, etc.
  9. In your bathroom, fill Mason Jars with decorative soaps or liquid soaps to give your bathroom a touch of color and a bit of fun.
  10. Mason Jars make lovely holders for tea light or votive candles.  Add pretty ribbon or other decorations, if you desire, to dress up the jars for holidays and special occasions.
  11. Fill mason jars with dried foods such as beans, colorful pasta, rice, coffee beans, etc.  These are both practical and make pretty décor for your kitchen or dining room.
  12. Make a money jar out of  a Mason Jar, and keep loose change on hand for pizza tips, and any time you need quick money.
  13. Organize your home and keep items in one place by storing them in a Mason Jar. You can store watch pieces, loose change, extra buttons, pieces of jewelry, and more in these jars.
  14. Use Mason Jars in the office to hold pens, pencils, rulers, markers, paper clips, and so on.
  15. Mason Jars make great vessels for outdoor lighting.  Place candles in them and line a walkway, add light to a patio, or use by a night time pool party.  You can also use them as country-looking chandeliers by hanging them on your front porch.  Place citronella candles in them to keep mosquitoes away, as well.
  16. More kitchen ideas include using Mason Jars to store spices, dehydrated foods, canned goods and more.  Create your own special kitchen décor when you incorporate items in Mason Jars.
  17. Use Mason Jars to hold photos, or glue photos on the outside, and add flowers or a plant on the interior, and give it as a gift.
  18. Fill Mason Jars with sand and seashells, and give as gifts for beach lovers, or use them as table centerpieces for a beach-themed wedding reception.
  19. Gardeners might appreciate a Mason Jar filled with colorful sand and a flower placed in the middle, or fill one with a variety of seed packets.
  20. Mason Jars are ideal for keeping homemade fruit drinks and teas fresh, or use them in place of a drinking glass at an afternoon tea party or outdoor barbeque.
  21. Customize desserts for family and parties by placing individual servings in Mason Jars.  Make yogurt, fruit and granola parfaits; pudding and whipped cream; strawberry shortcake; lemon tart treat, and more.
  22. Create and store your own exfoliating scrubs and homemade bath and hair products in Mason Jars.
  23. Use Mason Jars to house birthday party favors and treats, then pass items out to party guests.  Use them at baby showers, wedding showers, anniversary parties, and any special occasion.
  24. For a picnic (or in your kitchen at home), you can utilize Mason Jars to hold eating utensils, straws and toothpicks.
  25. Create your favorite salad mixes and store them in Mason Jars, so they’ll be handy whenever you want to make a salad.  This will help encourage healthy eating habits.  They are also great for shake and go meals.
  26. Bring lunch to work in Mason Jars.  Fill them with soups or snack foods.  They will help reduce plastic waste.
  27. Use Mason Jars to track your spending habits.  Label a variety of jars with places you shop, then keep receipts in them.  Gas, grocery, fast food, clothing, and more, can all be tracked.
  28. You’ll enjoy using Mason Jars to hold your hair supplies, too.  In the bathroom, they can hold combs and brushes, as well as rubber bands, hair bands, ribbons and barrettes.  Keep your children’s hair accessories organized and handy.

Mason Jars can be used for countless things.  The above suggested are just a few creative uses for mason jars ideas. The possibilities are endless. They offer inexpensive ways to store items, give gifts and decorate your home and office.  They are also practical, and can be used for canning and storing dehydrated foods.

Go out and get yourself some Mason Jars today, and begin the road to fun and creativity!

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