Decreasing Home Clutter Tips

Decreasing home clutter can be a lot easier when rules are put into place and habits are formed. Just as we develop routines within our work schedules, we should do so when it comes to home organization.

Decreasing Home Clutter By Getting Organized

If you work in a small kitchen space (or any other small space in your home), then you know how important good storage solutions are.  Smaller spaces tend to become cluttered very quickly.  Why not use wall space and overhead storage to get the most out of small spaces and when decreasing home clutter?  Consider floor-to-ceiling wall shelves or cabinets in which you can store cookbooks, antiques, dishes, dry food items, Mason Jars, etc.

An inexpensive solution for extra storage space in small spaces can include stack-able cube shelves.  Use these in a closet to store canned and vacuum sealed dry foods, extra dishes, packaged foods and more.  You can use these anywhere in your home where you want to de-clutter and organize, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and so on.

You can also use overhead storage racks for pots and pans and utensils in your kitchen, or store dried food in Mason Jars on top of cupboards, which will also add decor and interest to your kitchen.

Out with the Old, in with the New

When decreasing clutter, consider the following:

  • Get rid of old, rarely used items to make room for new items.
  • Identify your space before purchasing new items.  Do you have room?
  • Consider whether or not you really need the new item(s).
  • Will the items cause clutter in your home?
  • Will you use the new item(s)? What purpose will it serve?

Whether you’re considering buying new clothing, shoes, kitchen items, bathroom items, etc., it’s a good idea to make room for it by throwing out or donating any unused older items, first.  This will help keep your space organized and clutter-free.

Put It Up to Begin with

To keep your home free of clutter and organized, get in the habit of putting things away immediately when you get home, or when you are done using something.  For example, teach kids to put away backpacks and school lunch bags as soon as they get home from school.  If you have a place for shoes, then encourage them to store their shoes there and hang up their coats before proceeding with their activities.

Home Organization Tips For Living Clutter Free

When you and your family are done eating or snacking, put dishes in the sink or the dishwasher.  This will keep your home free from dirty dish piles.

When you get home from work, put your briefcase or other items in a designated area, rather than leaving them on the dining room table or on the floor.

Put your things away before settling in, otherwise you might become too complacent and relaxed, and you won’t want to mess with them later, which can lead to clutter and disorganization.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Don’t hold onto items that you no longer have use for.  Throw away or donate unwanted items, or have a yard sale to sell them.  To determine the importance of the items and their true value, ask a few simple questions such as when was the item last used; is it something that still holds sentimental value; does it serve a purpose in my household?

Holding onto items you don’t need or use is the main way people collect clutter and find their homes unorganized.

Reduce Piles and Loose Items by Vacuum Packing and Sealing

Vacuum sealing items is a great way to reduce clutter and make room for more storage.

Consider vacuum sealing loose jewelry, seasonal clothing, linens, emergency packs and so on.  You can also vacuum seal foods that you buy in bulk or on sale, to offer more room in your freezer to hold the foods.

Gift Items That You Don’t Need/Donate to Favorite Charities

Items both new and used can be donated to your favorite charities.  Items you don’t use or no longer need will be welcomed by those who have very little, or who are on a tight budget.  You can donate everything from clothing and accessories, to electronics and furniture.  Make room for the new, by getting rid of the old.  Your unwanted items will be treasures to someone else!

Invest in Organizers

Invest in organizers to store jewelry, shoes, purses, magazines, books, and so on.  Some people purchase bins for dry foods and cereals, too, so they can stack them and make more room on their pantry shelves.  There are organizers for just about anything you can imagine.

Clean As You Go

Don’t wait for a mess to pile up, pick up things as you go, and wipe food and dirt off of tables, counters, vanities and more, as you notice it.  It’s so much easier to perform your weekly and monthly cleaning chores, when you keep things neat and tidy throughout each day.

Organize the Pantry

Keep your pantry organized and free of clutter by vacuum packing loose snacks, creating labels for containers and placing kids’ favorite items within their reach.  Plastic storage containers and glass jars are also great ways to store pastas and other foods.

Decreasing Home Clutter By Investing in Items to Make De-Cluttering Easy

It’s worth the investment in furniture and other items that will help keep your home free of clutter.  For example an ottoman that opens at the top, a bed with pull out drawers on the bottom, vacuum sealers for food and other items, and colorful storage bins for kids’ clothing and toys.  Kids love being able to store toys, books, clothing and other items in spots designated just for them.  There are storage bins that feature favorite cartoon characters, and some that come in colorful pastels or bold colors that kids love.

Decreasing home clutter can be done by making a few simple changes to make home organization easy. Teach your family now to put things in their proper place as soon as they are done using them, and you’ll have a home that is clutter-free, organized and easy to keep clean!

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