What is An External Vacuum Sealer

An external vacuum sealer is a popular residential style vacuum sealer that typically costs less and is smaller in size when compared to chamber vacuum sealers.  External sealers are ideal for lighter, everyday sealing jobs.  Heavier, more frequent sealing jobs, or commercial grade sealing, would be better accomplished with a chamber vacuum sealer. These units are more capable of effectively handling longer sealing periods and continuous use without overheating. That’s not to say that an external vacuum sealer is less suitable because they can certainly carry there own weight.

There are many external sealers that perform very well . This type of vacuum sealer is highly favored due to size, pricing options and ease of use. Many come with advanced functionality and integrated built-in features that make them a must have for many individuals.  Some popular brand names of external vacuum sealers include FoodSaver, Weston and Seal-A-Meal. Many of these units have impressive reviews.

Who would Benefit from an External Vacuum Sealer? 

External food sealers are ideal for everyday home use when sealing leftovers, packing bulk purchases and packing lunches and snacks for school.  Most will fit nicely on your kitchen counter-top as they are available in a variety of sizes and equipped with many handy features.

External food sealers are perfect for busy parents, and for those who like to pre-pack and freeze meal portions.  If you are also watching your diet, then you might want to invest in a external sealer to plan out your portion sizes and caloric intake for quick and easy meals.

How do They Work? 

External sealers remove air from the bags being sealed by way of suction. Most of these appliances also have an external vacuum port which allow you to vacuum seal other items such as containers, canisters and mason jars, as well as clothing, blankets and other items.  This allows you more room to store food items in the freezer or fridge and other items in closets, under beds, and so on while protecting them from dust and other debris. An external vacuum sealer clamps the open end of the pouch (or bag) shut while air is sucked out.

This type of vacuum sealer works best for residential use and even small businesses that don’t perform a lot of packing/sealing. However, it is not recommended for Sous Vide Cooking.

How to Decide Which Sealer is Best? 

For many households, vacuum sealers are a must have kitchen appliance. To determine which vacuum sealer is best for you and your family, read reviews on different models.  Consider what you are going to be sealing, and the frequency with which you plan on using your vacuum sealer.  Keep in mind your budget, household size and available storage space for the appliance.

Quality of performance.  Many things will determine the quality of performance for the vacuum food sealer you choose.  A more deluxe model is probably going to outperform a cheaper model.  It may be worth the investment to spend a little more money up front for an external vacuum sealer with say for instance dual pumps, rather than having to replace a cheaper model that may overheat easily.

Other things that will determine performance are your maintenance and upkeep of your machine.  Follow the instructions in the users manual for cleaning and maintaining your sealer. Call the manufacture immediately with problems in which you cannot accurately troubleshoot. Appliance manuals are readily available online.

If you are the owner of a small store or if you vacuum pack and store large quantities of anything frequently, it would be best not to use an external vacuum sealer for those jobs. Treat your machine well and it should in return deliver many years of quality service.

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