Foods That Should Not Be Refrigerated

Many foods require cold storage but there are certain foods that should not be refrigerated. Often times we refrigerate food thinking it will be preserved well, when in fact that method may actually be affecting taste and nutritional value, and not in a good way.

When it comes to storing meats and dry foods, vacuum packing and sealing, or storing foods in Mason Jars will work fine when sealed properly.  However with other items, preserving foods properly requires a little more resourcefulness.

There are several foods that should not be refrigerated.  Among those items are several fruits and vegetables that simply store better outside of the cold.  The mentioned foods below will store better in a cool dry place, rather than in your refrigerator.

8 Foods That Should Not Be Refrigerated

Nuts:  Nuts tend to taste better at room temperature.  Storing them in the refrigerator will cause them to spoil quickly.

Bread:  Refrigerating bread will cause it to dry out faster.  A better choice for storing bread is to keep out what you will use within a few days, and store the remaining loaf in the freezer.  The best way to store fresh bread is in a bread box or basket on the counter for quick and easy access.

Fruit And Vegetables That Should Not Be Refrigerated

Tomatoes:  Ever wonder why tomatoes start to lose their shape and form when refrigerated?  The cold  temperature causes them to become mushy, which in turn makes them less appealing.  The longer they are kept in the refrigerator, the worse they will look and taste. Consider not storing your tomatoes in the refrigerator

How To Store Tomatoes

Avocados:  Do not store avocados in the refrigerator until they are ripe, and even then, it’s best to store them in a cool, dry place rather than refrigerate them.  However if you do refrigerate ripe avocados, do not keep them more than a few days to a week, even in the refrigerator.  With this in mind, purchase smaller quantities.  Exposing cut up avocados to cold air will cause them to turn brown.

To speed up the ripening process, place avocados in a paper bag, and they will ripen faster.  If ripening at room temperature, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Melons:  Store whole watermelons and cantaloupes in a cool, dry place until ready for use.  Once they are cut up, then you can place them in the refrigerator.  There’s nothing like cut up, chilled melons on a hot summer day.

Garlic:  When garlic is stored properly, it can last for a long time.  Dry garlic is best stored in mesh packaging and in a dry place at room temperature.  Once you start to break pieces off of the whole garlic, its flavor and effectiveness will be affected.

Other Foods That Should Not Be Refrigerated

Coffee:  Store coffee in an air-tight container such as a Mason Jar, and keep it on your counter or in a cupboard.  Refrigerating coffee will cause the flavor to change due to condensation being created in the cool atmosphere of your refrigerator.

Potatoes:  Storing potatoes in the refrigerator makes them develop an unfavorable taste.  They are better stored at room temperature in a brown paper bag.  A plastic bag will cause the potatoes to perish more quickly than a brown paper bag.

Have you ever wondered why fruits and vegetables are stored in the dry section of the produce department?  It’s simple.  It’s because many fall into the category of foods that should not be refrigerated. Those foods taste, look and are preserved better when kept at room temperature.  Buying fruits and vegetables in bulk may not be a good idea, if you’re planning to hold on to them for future use.  Even if they are on sale, refrain from buying more than you will use within a few days.  These items spoil quickly and can form mold, if not used immediately.

Other foods that should not be refrigerated include honey, hot sauce, oils and other fruits such as apples, peaches and nectarines, which should be left out to ripen in a cool, dry place.

Remember that storing foods in plastic bags causes them to decay faster, so when buying in bulk, consider the items that you are going to be purchasing, and make sure you store them adequately for the longest possible storage time.

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