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The FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer is perfect for quick sealing jobs such as packing snacks for the road, packing small items for camping trips, and packing lunches. It uses vacuum zipper bags, which can be washed out for reuse. Use the unit for sealing deli meats, cheeses, patties, fresh tuna and more. Its portability makes it ideal for many situations and smaller sealing jobs.

The FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer would also be ideal for college students living in dorms, perhaps trying to save money. Whether you’re pre-packing meats for tailgating, packing snacks for picnics, or simply packing snacks for a road trip, the FoodSaver FreshSaver can assist with your storing and packing needs.

The FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer is wireless which makes it easy to use and store in even the smallest or most unlikely places. If working with limited space, this unit may be a good fit for your needs due to its size. Keep it on the counter, store it inside a drawer, or place it inside a cabinet. With this unit, you don’t have to stand in one spot or limit your placement to one area when vacuum sealing. Just charge the unit and its ready to be used along with your FoodSaver accessories. 

This handheld vacuum sealer has impressive sealing performance. You can use it with FoodSaver accessories to seal jars, bags, and containers. It’s very affordable and would make a wonderful gift. While it is small in size, its sealing power should not be underestimated. However, this unit would not be suitable for all sealing jobs.

More On This Handheld Vacuum Sealer

There’s one main button for operations which makes using the unit as easy as easy pie! There’s no reason why you couldn’t get started sealing with this unit right out of the box.

This small sealer comes in a modern, stylish design, but the red color may not be favored by everyone. If a handheld vacuum sealer will make your life easier, consider not allowing the color to become a detouring factor. This handheld unit can always be stored out of sight and easily accessed when needed.

FoodSaver FreshSaver Features

Wireless Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Portable, cordless unit, can be used whenever and wherever without having to work around wires. Easy access means more use, which will in turn produce money saving benefits.

One Touch Operations

To use, simply place food inside FoodSaver zipper bag, lay bag flat and press unit firmly against bag to begin sealing. Once done, store foods in proper temperature setting. Most foods will need to be placed in the freezer for long term storage or refrigerated.

Seal containers by filling the container, attaching the FoodSaver adapter to the nozzle,then attaching nozzle to valve to evacuate air. Place food in the refrigerator for storage. Be careful when storing containers. Freezing containers can cause them to crack.

Airtight Seals

Create effective seals. Vacuum sealer creates seals with one touch.

Charge Indicator Light

Lights up to indicate charging status.

Charging Stand

Rechargeable base for charging the unit. Just insert the unit into the stand for charging to take place.

Charger Adapter

Plug the adapter into the wall and the other end into the unit’s charging stand. Upon arrival or before the first use, charge the unit for 24 hours.

Included Accessories

The Handheld Vacuum Sealer comes with a handy starter kit which includes the following:

  • 1 Charging stand
  • 1 Deli container
  • 5 – 1 Quart Zipper Bags
  • 5 – 1 Gallon Zipper Bags
Optional Accessories

Pros and Cons

This Handheld Vacuum Sealer is a very popular unit. It has over 250 reviews and a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. Reviews on the FoodSaver FreshSaver food sealer are good. The convenience, portability and performance delivered, is well worth the small investment made.

Consumers appreciated having a tool that was simple to use and ability to get the job done quickly. This appliance comes highly recommended by many users. 

Here are some of the reported pros:

  • Very well priced
  • Performs well
  • Small and simple to store
  • Compact and lightweight for easy travel
  • Very handy appliance
  • Works well on FoodSaver accessories
  • Recharges quickly

There were some cons reported, however, not all of them were related to the units performance. Some users were unhappy about the cost of bags. Others reported bags not holding a seal and instances in which the unit did nor charge or if it did, the charge did not last long. Additionally, very few users also experienced unit failure after only a short time of use.

This vacuum sealer does not have a pulse feature or delicate cycle and does not work well when sealing delicate items. The FoodSaver FreshSaver can help you store foods and save money but it should not be expected to perform as a full size FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer would. It does a good job of performing basic sealing task.


1 year limited warranty

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