FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer Review

The FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer although compact in size and simple in design, definitely packs a big punch. It’s sleek design makes it easily adaptable to any setting and easy to store away.

Have you ever purchased in appliance or electronics item and had to spend hours learning how to use it? Well based on customer feedback, simplicity is one of the features that makes this unit a good choice for beginners to advance users. So, If you’re looking for a food sealer with a few fancy bells and
whistle, you may want to pass on this one.  But if you’re looking for a handy food sealer to get the job done both efficiently and effectively, the V2244 may be the one for you.

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The FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer comes equipped with everything needed to keep your foods fresh. The marinate options will make food marination a breeze and the removable drip tray will assist with catching those messy drippings.  A few more key features are listed below.

FoodSaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer, Black

Highlighted Features

  • Compact, Space Saving Design
    • Small enough to keep on the counter-top and compact enough to store with ease.
  • Crushfree control
    • Store delicate foods without crushing. Use this feature to quickly stop the vacuum process and start the bag sealing process. This button is also used when making bags from a FoodSaver Roll
  • Air-tight Heat Seal
    • Double-wide sealing strip creates a tight seal for food preserving
  • Manual Operation
    • Gives the user full starting and stopping control creating more food storage options.

Accessory Port   

Use the accessory port when storing food in mason jars and with other FoodSaver accessories.

Vacuum and Seal Button

On this food sealer the vacuum and seal button controls two functions.

1. Use it to start the sealing process with one touch

2. Press it to cancel or stop food sealing at any time.

Lever Lock

Keeps bags in place while sealing.

System Delay

This feature cause 20 second pauses in between use to prevent over-heating and possible damage.

Optional Accessories

FoodSaver 8″ by 20-ft Roll

Keep extra FoodSaver Rolls to avoid running out. These rolls can be used the same as food saver bags but are more versatile. One key advantage of using FoodSaver rolls is the ability to customize bags which will prevent bag overuse which will help to save on cost.

FoodSaver FSFSBF0116 6-Inch-by-9-Inch Pint Size Bags, 28 Bags

FoodSaver Pint Bags have a multi-ply construction to keep moisture and oxygen out. They can be used safely on the stove and in the microwave. Use them to pack foods in small quantities or to pack individual portions.


5.9 x 10.6 x 17.7 inches

Light weight < 10lbs


 Note: Dimensions are estimated.


Accessories Included

Starter Bags


Cleaning and Care

Easy cleaning. Wipe down with warm towel. Refer to manual for further details.


FoodSaver Food Sealer Consumer Demonstration

Consumer Reviews and Comments

Pros and Cons

Like most items designed around technology, it seems as if functionality and style improves with time.  The FoodSaver V2244 sealer seems to meet most users expectations. For the most part, it works as indicated and when in use, operates quietly when compared to others. Consumers agree that this item is an inexpensive investment that will decrease food waste and help cut down one’s spending budget when used correctly.

Who says that automatic is better? As a matter of fact, one of it’s most desired and appreciated features is its manual operation. Users have more control over the sealing process which reduces bag wasting and makes the machine easier to use.

This product has been given out as gifts by many purchasers which indicates that users are impressed enough to recommend it and/or give it to others. This is a sure sign of a good buy.

Problems that were noted mostly had quick fixes which could be found within the user manual. Although some issues reported could have derived from misuse, it should be noted that some consumers were less than satisfied with this unit.

Some consumers reported receiving defective products but had no problem returning the product for replacements. In most cases, a simple call into customer service resolved the issue  as the staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, the return process seems to be simple.

A bigger issue reported by many was that the unit stopped working after a year. This is cause for concern on one hand because the warranty is only good for one year, so in most cases, a replacement was not an option. On the other hand, considering the cost of the FoodSaver V2244, potential savings and other factors, getting one year of great use may not be so bad to some. For someone buying their first vacuum sealer, it will give then the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge before investing in a more expensive unit.

Given my unbiased conclusion on this unit, I will have to say that the general life of the unit will vary based on frequency of use and how the unit is used. For example, a unit used 10 x’s a week should not be expected to last last as long as a user that is used 5 times a week.

Review Summary

Whether it’s due to its pricing or compact design, this unit seems to be a pretty popular choice among consumers. It has a rating of 4.0 which is considered good. After reviewing over 300 reviews, it was noted that over half of the reviewers gave this product a rating of 5.0.

One thing to remember when reading reviews is that the product users will vary greatly from novice to advanced. With that being said, it is clear that the one feature that draws consumers to this product is its simple compact designs and ease of use.

 Average Rating 4.0


Things To Consider

This unit may be more appropriate for beginners, as a second household sealer or as a temporary replacement.

The manufacture offers excellent support

Great for small spaces

May be most suitable for 2-4 household sizes depending on frequency of use.


The FoodSaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer is available in black only which to many users, is a welcome change when compared to the traditional white units.


When compared to similar vacuum sealers, the FoodSaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer seems to reasonably priced. You can view current prices and deals on Amazon where item may qualify for free shipping.


1 year limited warranty

Optional Accessories

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