FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Food Sealer Review

The FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Food Sealer was the vacuum sealer review that was almost never created. It’s not because it lacks in performance or due to bad ratings. It’s actually because this unit has been around so long, I figured it would soon drop off the market and/or no longer be supported by FoodSaver. Well, after I took a second and third look at this unit, I realized not writing on it, would be a mistake.

This FoodSaver model has been around since 2007 and is still being purchased by many people who appreciate what it has to offer, even today. As a matter of fact, the newest review listed on Amazon is dated as recent as March 2014. The unit is still being supported by FoodSaver through there customer service as I called to verify.

The FoodSaver V2460 Vacuum Food Sealer comes in a smooth design and would fit nicely into any kitchen setting. This unit is small enough to store in a cabinet or even kitchen drawer when not in use and compact enough to not take up a great deal of space if left on the counter-top.

More on The FoodSaver V2460 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer

This model food sealer is user friendly and equipped with automatic features. It’s actually one of FoodSaver’s first models to introduce different speed and food settings. Many of the included features help users save time by making it possible for more effective sealing to take place.

Highlighted Features

User control Food Settings

  • User can choose from dry and moist food settings. The moist food setting will seal longer than the dry food setting

Two Options for speed settings

  • User can choose speed settings based on bag size and accessories being sealed

Crushfree Instant Seal Option

  • Press this button to control seal time when sealing delicate items such as cakes, chips, pastries, etc.

Other Features

Accessory Port: Use with FoodSaver canisters, containers and other accessories. Simply attach the hose into the port for use.

Accessory Hose Storage: Keep hose in a designated area to avoid losing

Control Panel: flat touch pad for easy use

Lock Latch: holds the bag in place during sealing process

Bag Roll Storage Compartment: holds bag roll; located under the lid

Built-in Bag Cutter: customize bags; eliminates the need for scissors

Drip Tray: catches liquid overflow

Canister Vacuum Button: Use when sealing canisters to obtain the best results

Extra Wide Sealing Strip: creates a more secure hold

Vacuum and Seal Button: Press to obtain air tight seals. Once the process is complete, the vacuum sealer will automatically shut off. Press cancel to stop the process anytime

Seal Indicator: Light stays on when sealing is in process and flashes when there is an error


 V2460 Vacuum Sealer Video Review

Pros and Cons

The FoodSaver V2460 does what a vacuum sealer is suppose to which includes helping to keep foods fresher longer by preventing freezer burns and creating airtight seals.

Owners of the FoodSaver V2460 reported this unit lasting for years to come. Repeat users as well as novice users are vary satisfied with the FoodSvaer V2460. New users are just realizing the many advantages of vacuum sealing including saving time and money. Previous vacuum sealer owners appreciate the many upgrades included when compared to older models.

The FoodSaver V2460 has some noted flaws. Some users reported having problems with the seal. Others reported that when in use, the unit was very loud.

Suggestions were made by users who have used this appliance and experienced similar problems. One user suggested to simply keep the gaskets clean and if sealing problems started to occur, lubricating the gaskets would likely help. This helped the machine to run like new.

Even if you are not ready to use the unit when initially purchased, give it a few test runs before its too late to return the product. Often times, consumers purchase products and don’t get around to using them for a while. Units can arrive with malfunctions, even new ones. If your unit is defective, you want to find out as soon as it arrives.

Bags are a bit expensive and the unit sometimes uses more bag space than what is necessary. Use bag rolls to lessen the chances of being wasteful. The integrated bag cutter allows for easy bag customization.

For the best results, when using the V2460, smooth out any wrinkles in the bag and keep the open end of the the bag near the sealing strip, free of wrinkles and food. Also, make sure that the latch is securely fastened to obtain the best seals. Adjust the bag if needed in between sealings or if sealing for longer than 30 seconds. 


The FoodSaver has good ratings and many positive reviews. It comes with the basics plus some advanced features, but nothing that would require a serious learning curve. A comparable and more up-to-date model would be the FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealer.

Consumer Ratings

4.2 out of 5 Stars (at the time this article is being written)

Included Accessories

  • Starter bags, 11″ wide bag roll, 3qt size bags, 2-gallon size bags, and accessory hose


Optional accessories

  • FoodSaver 3 Pack 8 rolls
  • FoodSaver Canisters



Available in White

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