FoodSaver V3820 Vacuum Sealer Review

The FoodSaver V3820 Vacuum Sealer could be an easy solution to meal planning for those who have demanding and fast paced lifestyle. With such busy routines, having appliances or any other devices that simplify task is a must. Like most vacuum sealers, this unit is capable of keeping foods fresher up to 5X’s longer, making it possible to accomplish sealing chores with ease. Storing leftovers, packing bulk items and prepping foods in advance can be essential when eliminating daily stress that can sometimes be associated with meal planning. Realizing the benefits of vacuum sealing help households to save 1,000’s per year.

The FoodSaver V3820 Vacuum Sealer is an external residential unit, with a slim, vertical design. This allows for minimum space occupancy, which helps to reduce clutter and free up counter-top space, leaving more room for food prepping. This vacuum sealer is lightweight and can even be stored inside a cabinet until ready for use. The V3820 is equipped with handy features for added convenience and easy operations. The unit itself has an appealing design that will fit nicely into any kitchen setting. 

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer would make a great gift for someone who could benefit from vacuum sealing. This includes individuals who buy in bulk and those who store leftovers. It is reasonably priced and would be a good starter or replacement unit. It comes with a nice starter kit for immediate use.

To operate the unit you’ll simply prepare foods for packing, insert the bag into the unit and select the desired option based on food type.

More Details on The V3820

User’s of this unit are merely okay. This doesn’t mean that it’s not a good buy, but there are some common reported issues among users. I’m always hesitant to write reviews on units with less than four stars, because I don’t want to appear to be recommending something that won’t deliver on performance. However, it’s important for consumers to form their own opinion based on ratings, features, design and overall feedback.

Highlighted Features

The FoodSaver V3820 buttons are located conveniently on the lid for easy access. It can be used for sealing jars, containers, bags, and canisters. Reading the included instructions will help you get the most effective use out of this unit, however, operations appear to be really simple. 

Key Highlighted Features

Automatic Operations

  • Fully automatic sealing system. The unit senses the bag and begins sealing.

SmartSeal Technology

  • The V3820 has an automatic bag detection feature, automatic bag holding feature and automatic locking, unlocking and seal cool down time features

Vertical Design

  • The design of this vacuum sealer makes it easy to store or keep out on the counter. It takes up minimum space and has an appealing style.

Additional Features

Crushfree Instant Seal

  • Stop the sealing process at anytime when sealing delicate items. This feature works along with the seal only option for effective sealing of fragile items.

Removable Drip Tray

  • Easy to clean drip tray is dishwasher safe. It catches spills before they hit the counter.

Extra wide Sealing Strip

  • Wider, more secure, airtight seals 

Marinade Mode

  • Marinate foods quickly with the FoodSaver V3820. Marinating can be done easily and within minutes.

Roll Holder

  • Store FoodSaver bag rolls in built-in storage compartment

Bag Cutter

  • Integrated bag cutter makes it easy to create custom sized bags

2 Seal Levels

  • Select from moist or dry food settings based on food type

2 Speed Settings

  • Adjust the speed settings based on food types for more precise sealing. Select the gentle speed cycle when sealing delicate items and select normal for most other food sealing jobs.

Accessory Hose

  • Built-in retractable accessory hose for use with canisters, containers, and other accessories.

FoodSaver V3820 Vacuum Sealer Pros and Cons

At the time in which this review is being written, this appliance has okay reviews. With over 20 reviews written, the amount of positive reviews and negative reviews are nearly equal. It’s always a little difficult interpreting whether or not something has real potential when the reviews or so equally split.

The real challenge faced with this unit may be understanding how to properly use it. On the other hand, the design itself could very well not be user friendly and may perhaps need to be improved.

Users who gave positive reviews insist that this FoodSaver model is easy to use. They appreciated the automatic features and had no problem with vacuum sealing and obtaining secure seals. One owner of this unit, who also owned previous FoodSaver vacuum sealers, stated that the FoodSaver V3820 was actually the best of all unit’s previously purchased.

Positive Feedback:

  • Unit is easy to use
  • Nice design and style
  • Appreciates the automatic features
  • Appreciates the rapid marinade option…this is a big plus.
  • Easy to use the accessory hose for sealing jars and containers
  • Simple instructions and simple start up

This vacuum sealer was not appreciated by all users the same. One repetitive issue reported was with the automatic operations. The thing about automatic operations is that it requires patience and sometimes a learning curve. Some individuals may simply not have the time to put in or just may not be willing to put in the time it takes to fully understand the unit’s operations. With this in mind, the V3820 would not be my first choice when looking for a vacuum sealer. However, if the unit appears to be a good option based on your needs, preference for style, design and features, you can always give it a try and return it if it doesn’t work out.

Other complaints included:

  • Use of too much bag material for proper sealing to take place
  • Bag not being detected by the sensor
  • Problems with creating and sizing bags

Included Accessories

This unit comes with a starter pack that includes the following:

  • Starter heat seal bags
  • Bag roll

Optional Accessories

Cleaning and Care

For best results, make sure the unit is clean before and after use. Leaving liquids inside the unit will affect the units sealing abilities. To keep the outside of the unit clean, simply use mild soap and damp cloth for wiping clean. Completely dry the unit before engaging in use.


Limited 1 year warranty

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