FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Food Sealer Review

Busy lifestyles calls for multi-functional technology such as the FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Food Sealer with SmartSeal Technology. Whether you are packing lunches, buying in bulk, storing leftovers, or marinating foods, you will find that this unit is capable of making many of those chores easier.

When compared to other models, this unit’s ratings are just above satisfactory. But when you consider its popularity, which is based on the over 200 reviews on Amazon alone,this is a clear indicator of it being a model that consumers continue to purchase.

More on the FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealer Review below:

The FoodSaver V3835  is equipped with SmartSeal Technology which helps keep foods fresher for longer periods of time. It’s sleek upright design makes it easy to tuck away and other key features such as automatic sealing, liquid detection, marinate mode, and more, makes this vacuum sealer an appealing buy. Listed below is a breakdown of some key features.


Vacuum Sealer Key Features

  • Sleek Design
    • Slim style; consumes less space
  • SmartSeal Technology
    • Automatically detects bags when inserted properly to simplify the sealing process
  • Marinade Mode
    • Cuts marinating time in half
  • Extra Wide Sealing Strip
    • Provides extra sealing protection
  • Optional Manual Use
    • Gives the user more control over the sealing process

2 Sealing Levels

Allows the user to adjust sealing levels based on food types…moist and dry

2 Vacuum Speeds

Increase and decrease vacuum speeds based on food types. Option to use gentle speed and seal/stop button for delicate items or normal speed setting.

Automatic Bag Detection

Sensing feature will grasp, vacuum and seal once the open end of bag is inserted. It then shuts of automatically once the sealing process is complete.

Built In Retractable Hose

Integrated feature keeps hose in place for easy access when sealing canisters.

Built-In Roll Storage and Cutter    

Perfect for storing FoodSaver sealing rolls. The attached roll cutter simplifies the bag customization process eliminating the need for scissors.

Canister Mode

Use the accessory mode button to vacuum seal canisters. Simply press the button to begin sealing and the unit will cut off automatically once done.

Cool Down Feature

A short cool down period (which only last a few seconds) will stop the sealer from working immediately after use to avoid overheating and to keep the heat-seal working properly.

Crush Free Instant Seal

On this model, The Crush Free Instant Seal feature has three main functions and is controlled by the Seal/Stop Button.

1. Avoid smashing delicate foods by taking control of your sealing.  Press the seal button at any time to start or stop sealing.

2. Use to create a seal when using FoodSaver  rolls to make bags.

3. Use to create a seal on other bags such as potato chips and cookie bags. 

Drip Tray

Contains a sensor which detects liquids to help prevent spillage and catch overflowing of liquids.

Extra Wide Sealing Strip

Provides an airtight seal, twice as wide when compared to other units for more security.

Hands-Free Operation

You simply insert the bag and let the food sealer do the rest. Unlike some other vacuum sealers, the bag insertion process is a bit different. Bags should be inserted with the left side of the bag going in first. You will then slide the bag over until the entire bag is properly fitted into the vacuum channel. Inserting the bag any other way may cause your sealer to seal incorrectly or not at all.

Integrated Bag Openers

Use the bag opener to open sealed bags. The process is as simple as pressing the bag opener button, creating a fold, and pulling the bag through the cutter.

LED Progress Light

Indicates sealing progress and status; Solid red light indicates sealing is taking place and blinking red light indicates an error

Marinate Mode 

Use the 10 minute marinade option to prep foods quickly. This is perfect for obtaining extra flavor when cooking steaks, chicken or and other food items.

Smart Seal Technology 

With this technology, moisture is automatically detected. The  sealer will adjust the seal level creating an airtight seal based on food type.

Upright Design 

Slim, upright design, stylish enough to keep on the counter-top while taking up minimum space. Or, tuck it away until ready to use.

Included Accessories

Includes Master Chef Kit comes with 11-inch roll, 3 quart size bags and 2 gallon bags

Optional Accessories

FoodSaver T02-0050-05 Quick Marinator 2-1/4-Quart Square Canister Use the quick marinator canister to marinate foods, store leftovers, and to store delicate foods. This canister works with any FoodSaver Model with an accessory port and will compliment your vacuum sealer nicely. Made of durable plastic,  2-1/4 quart square with sealing lid.


5 x 16 x 10 inches

Cleaning and Care

Simply wipe with warm towel for outside cleaning. Refer to user manual for additional cleaning instructions on gaskets and other parts.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary

Whether it’s due to lack of understanding of features, complexity of design or defective products, consumers either really like or really dislike the FoodSaver V3835. In any case, reading the instructions prior to use has proven to be very beneficial. Out of 3000 reviews, about 40 % of users give this food sealer a perfect five star rating.

Things To Remember and Consider

Read the instructions before using. Before  inserting the bag into the sealer, read up on how to so the bag is detected and to avoid problems. Understand how the features work and so you know what to expect. Consider your needs and do some comparing to identify if this model is best for you. Not everyone will need or use all the features that comes with this food sealer.

Consumer Ratings

Average Rating 3.4 out of 5 stars


The FoodSaver V3885 Vacuum sealer is available in stainless only.


1 year limited warranty

Comparable Sealers

Other models to compare include the  FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Sealing System.

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