FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Review

The FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is a simple solution to a busy lifestyle. Released in 2009, the Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is one of FoodSaver’s top selling models. FoodSaver maintains a reputation for creating  quality products and specializes in the manufacturing of vacuum sealers.

This food sealer has a stainless steel finish that would compliment any kitchen. The FoodSaver V3880 has many features designed for convenience such as, automatic vacuum sealing, adjustable
food setting options, accessory and marinade modes, plus much more.  Reasonably priced under $200, this food sealer would definitely be a great addition to any home.

FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System


The FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is loaded with features to simplify many tasks such as, packing lunches, marinading foods, packing leftovers, repacking items purchased in bulk and pre-planning meals, just to name a few. FoodSaver delivers on quality by providing an easy solution to the handling of many of these everyday tasks.

Unlike some other vacuum sealers, you won’t need to spend several hours trying to figure out how this unit works. FoodSaver is known for making user-friendly products that deliver without the various complexities that comes with other brands. Purchasing the FoodSaverV3880 Fully Automatic Sealing System is a no-brainer for anyone looking to save money and spend less time in the kitchen!


Highlighted Features:

  • Fully Automatic Operations
  • Control and Indicator lights
  • 2 Vacuum Speeds
  • Progress Light Indicator
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Built-in Roller and Cutter
  • User-friendly


Automatic Operation

The unit operates hands-free, with no buttons to press. Simply insert the bag into the vacuum chamber, and the vacuum sealer senses the bag’s presence, seals, vacuums, and shuts off automatically. Vacuum sealing has never been this easy!

Control and Indicator Lights

The control and indicator lights indicate current settings and vacuum progress, giving the user more control.

Vacuum Speeds

This food sealer has two vacuum speeds; normal & gentle. Gentle cycle is used  for sealing delicate items such as fruits, cookies, and  pastries. The default speed is set to normal. Simply press the speed button so that the gentle speed indicator light is illuminated when packaging delicate foods. The stop/seal button may be pressed at any time to stop vacuum sealing and switch to the automatic sealing process.

Vacuum Progress Display

The vacuum progress display indicates the various levels, as the bag or canister is evacuated. The blue light indicates the progression of the vacuuming and sealing process. All lights turn off when the process is complete.

Removable Drip Tray

The removable drip tray catches the overflow of liquids helping to prevent spills. The drip tray contains food sensors for liquid detection.   This food sealer also has a tray full indicator, which is activated when excess liquid fills the drip tray. When this happens, the vacuum sealer will shut off and that’s when the tray full indicator light will activate. Resuming back to normal operations is as easy as removing and washing the tray in warm water and drying and placing the tray back into position.

Built-In Roll Holder and Cutter

The built-in roll holder and cutter is stored behind the appliance door for quick and easy access. The built-in roll holder is an added convenience that holds FoodSaver vacuum sealing rolls. The roll cutter makes customizing bag sizes a breeze.

Sealing Strip

This unit has an extra wide sealing stripe with a non-stick coating and provides extra security and an air tight seal that’s two time’s wider.

Additional Features

CrushFree Instant Seal Feature-Seal/Stop Button

The CrushFree Instant Seal Feature is great for preventing the crushing of delicate items. The Seal/Stop button has several functions such as the following:

1. Gives the user more control to immediately stop and begin the sealing process

2. To create a seal when making customized bags

3. To create a seal on existing bags such as bread and potato chip bags

4. Using the PulseVac mode for bag sealing

Integrated Bag Opener

The integrated bag opener allows users to open sealed bags quickly and easily.

Marinade Mode

The FoodSaver V3880  features a Quick Marinade Cycle to speed up the marinating process.  The process involves a series of pulsing, vacuuming, and resting, of  the vacuum motor. In a matter of minutes, foods are marinated. Once the cycle is complete, the unit will sending off a beeping signal.

Auto Bag Sensing

With the auto bag sensing feature, simply insert the open end of the bag into the vacuum channel, the machine senses the bag, grasp, vacuum, seal, and shuts off when the process is complete.

Adjustable Food Settings Button

The adjustable food settings button gives the user the most control over the vacuuming and sealing of moist and juicy foods.

The moist food light indicator flashes when moisture is detected. The vacuum sealer defaults automatically to the dry food setting unless liquids are detected in the drip tray.

Vacuum Channel

Bags are inserted into the vacuum channel to be vacuumed and sealed.


This feature allows you to control the vacuum process manually giving the user better control when sealing delicate items.

Accessories Included: Master Chef Kit

  • 1-11″ X 10″ Heat Seal Roll
  • 3- Quart- size Heat Seal Bags
  • 2- Gallon size Heat Seal Bags
  • 2 1/4 Quart Oval Marinator
  • Portion Pouch Roll
  • 16- Freeze N Steam Bags
  • Food Saver Tips Book
  • $100 in Coupons
  • Quick Start Guide & Reference Manual

Comparison Chart

Use the comparison chart below to see how the FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System can save you money!

Cleaning and Care

Machine Cleaning

Simply open the appliance door holding it with both hands and press the two release buttons with your thumb, rotate the appliance in the direction away from you, allowing the vacuum sealer to rest on the counter. When cleaning is complete, hold vacuum sealer with both hands and rotate upright until the latches lock.

Cleaning Drip Tray

The drip tray should be cleaned after every use. To clean the drip tray, wash with warm soapy water or place inside dishwasher on the top rack. The food sensors on the drip tray will not work properly if liquids are not cleaned out.

Consumer Reviews and Comments

Based on user reviews, this vacuum sealer appears to be a great, but is also a great buy. Users appreciate its versatility, convenience, and durability. Once you start sealing with the FoodSaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing System, it’s quite possible that you may get hooked!

Users agree that this vacuum sealing system is easy to use and saves money when used properly. When doing research, no reports of air leakage were found. The unit makes a great gift and users have been more than willing to recommend this vacuum sealer to friends and family.

Read below for details on Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons

Individuals whom have chosen to make this unit their first vacuum sealer purchase, generally take a little longer getting familiar with the unit. It only takes a few uses to get the hang of sealing. Veteran vacuum sealer  who purchase the FoodSaver V3880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System to replace older units, consider it a great buy right out of the box.

Users find the unit most useful for the following:

  • Storing household items
  • Storing large portions
  • Individuals who purchase in bulk
  • Intermediate to veteran users (Great for beginners also,  but have some advanced features that may not be appreciated upon initial purchase)
  • Managing portions

Additionally, this unit is sturdy, reliable, and easy to clean.

Even the best of products have flaws.  With that being said, users have complained about the cost of the vacuum sealer bags and the amount of plastic needed when sealing. One user had problems with the flip cover sticking at times.

Read the instructions before using to avoid problems and to gain the most use from this Automatic Vacuum Sealing System. There was one consumer who gave the product  a low rating. Their complaints included the following; system shutting down during use, wasting plastic, and not vacuuming. In this case, the consumer may have received a defective product.  Again for best use, use recommended FoodSaver bags (although they are a bit expensive) and read the instructions before using.

Note: Many problems can be resolved by reading the user manuals troubleshooting section.

Consumer Ratings

Rated: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Stainless Steel Finish

Shipping Weight

Approximately 25lbs


1 year limited warranty

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