FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealer Review

Start enjoying the benefits of vacuum sealing with the FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealer. Whether you’re looking for ways to cut back on your budget or simply looking for an easier storage solution, vacuum sealing foods is the way to go! Anytime leftovers are thrown away do to food spoilage, its the same as tossing out hard earned cash.

As the cost of food increases, the need for packing and storing foods become even greater. Households who store foods by way of vacuum sealing save hundreds’s and even thousand’s on food purchases annually. So if you haven’t been vacuum sealing in the past, now is a the perfect time to start. The FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealer can produce great benefits.

The V4800 comes in a 2-in-1 design, giving the user more options and the ability to accomplish a variety of vacuum sealing chores. More options equals more money saving benefits. This unit would be a nice upgrade for someone wanting or needing to upgrade from an older model FoodSaver and a stylish addition to any kitchen. It has a nice, stainless steel appearance, and blend well with almost any decor, as well as other appliances.

Based on the feedback and reviews received, this unit could be a good fit for novice and veteran vacuum sealer users. Consumers who purchased this unit as there first vacuum sealer, appreciated the available sealing options and time saving features. Veteran users were able to adjust to the new automated features and were impressed by the upgrades.

Use the FoodSaver V4800 to vacuum seal emergency food packs, camping supplies, lunches, and snack packs for road travel. Additionally, pack in store important documents and pictures to keep them safe from insects, water spills, and dust. You’ll be surprised by the units versatility.

More On The FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealer

This model vacuum sealer is a part of  FoodSaver’s 4800 series of vacuum sealers and like other models in this series, comes equipped with a built-in, handheld vacuum sealer, and with integrated automation. This model features a stylish new design and is a little bigger than older model FoodSaver’s. All buttons for operations are located on top of the vacuum sealer and can be quickly and easily accessed.

Keep in mind, this unit is fully automated, which can be beneficial when doing longer sealing jobs. However, some users of older model FoodSaver units, may not desire this feature and may not be willing to adjust to the lack of user control. For such individuals, a manually operated vacuum sealer may be preferred.

Highlighted Features

2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System

Get two for the price of one. Versatile use, allowing the user to take advantage of the different sealing options.

Fully Automatic Operations

Hands-free operations takes the guess work out of vacuum sealing. To operate, place food inside bag, insert bag into the vacuum sealer, unit will sense the bag and start operating.

Retractable Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Use for marinating and for use with FoodSaver accessories. To use, simply prepare the foods and place them into the accessory (bag, canister, container) being sealed. Pull the retractable handheld sealer from appliance and place the valve on the packaging. Press the accessory button to start vacuuming.

FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealer Additional Features

Moist and Dry Food Settings

Adjustable food settings allow the user to select the appropriate option based on the type of food being sealed. Use the dry food setting for sealing foods with no liquids and the moist food setting when sealing items with moisture.

Built-In Roll Storage

Integrated bag storage keeps bag rolls tucked away for quick access.

Built-In Bag Cutter

Integrated bag cutter for creating custom sized bags. Handy feature that eliminates the need for scissors.

Auto Bag Sensing

Insert the open end of the bag into the machine for automatic operations to begin.

Pulse Vac Control

Allows the user to control the sealing of delicate items to avoid crushing and/or smashing.

Marinating Option

Quick marinating feature. Marinate foods in minutes rather than hours. Get added flavor in a shorter amount of time.

Drip Tray

Dishwasher safe; Has built in sensor for detecting liquid overflows.

Indicator Lights

Displays vacuum progress. Notifies the user when the tray is full and when sealing is in progress.

Extra Wide Sealing Strip

Create a more secure, airtight seal.

Model V4800 Series Video Review

This video review is on a different model from the same series. However, it delivers a general overview of how to operate the V4800 model.

Included Accessories

  • 1 – 11″ x 10′ Heat Seal Roll
  • 15 Gallon Size Zipper Bags

Optional Accessories

FoodSaver V4800 Vacuum Sealer Pros and Cons

Currently, the FoodSaver V4800 vacuum sealer has about 5 reviews with and 4.4 star rating. It hasn’t been out very long, so perhaps this is the reason for the small amount of reviews. As the reviews come in, this review will be updated so please check back.

In summary, users are satisfied with the units performance. There were no product related, negative reviews. Consumers were very pleased with the integrated handheld sealer and was impressed by the automatic options. This appliance is lightweight and easy to store. Getting acquainted with the unit was fairly simple.


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Approximately 17 lbs


5 Year Limited Warranty

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