How To Pack Luggage

To make your travel easier and more enjoyable, learn how to pack luggage for organization and easy access.  You can accomplish this by planning ahead, packing in advance, utilizing all compartments on your suitcase and putting more in less space.  Use a vacuum sealer to seal clothes, shoes and accessories.  Also consider events in which you might attend and how long you will be gone.  This will give you ideas of what and how much you need to pack.

When considering how to pack luggage, try not to over pack for trips. Doing so can cost you extra in airline baggage fees, and cause you to have heavier than necessary bags to handle.  Airlines will charge per bag after the initial free bag minimum is reached. Additionally, they have a weight limit, so keep those things in mind when packing.  Vacuum sealing items is a great way to maximize space and possibly get by with only using one piece of luggage and perhaps one carry-on bag.

How To Pack Luggage When Traveling

Research the areas in which you will be traveling.  Find out about the weather, and choose suitable clothing.  Also, find out about specific events that you might want to participate in, as well, and decide if you need casual or dress clothing for those.

Gather and pre-pack toiletries in vacuum sealed bags to keep them organized, and so that they take up as little room as possible in your luggage.

How To Pack Luggage in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your luggage.  Packing in advance gives you more time to make wise decisions on what to bring with you on your trip.  Choose outfits that are versatile and pack appropriate shoes.  Consider traveling with a separate shoe bag, so that clothes are not exposed to shoes, or vacuum pack clothes and/or shoes to keep the clothes from absorbing odors from the shoes. Also, consider the places and people you want to visit, and the special outings you want to participate in, and pack accordingly.  Packing ahead of time will allow you to make changes as needed, after you have time to think about things more in depth, or make changes in your travel plans.

Designate Specific Spaces for Everything

Use all of your luggage compartments wisely, filling all spaces that are available.  Know what items will go into which bag and which compartment.  Set aside your items that will go into your carry on bag. Vacuum seal those that may leak or that you want to take up less space.  It’s also wise to vacuum seal medicines and a first aid kit separately from other items. You can also vacuum pack your makeup and other toiletries.  Make sure you pack all items based on the rules and guidelines of TSA. Pack larger and heavier items first, and place them at the bottom of your luggage. Add smaller and lighter items as you continue packing.

Consider Your Available Space When Packing

Vacuum sealing clothing, linen and towels is a great way to maximize your luggage space.  It’s also a good idea to roll clothing that you are packing individually.  This will help prevent wrinkles and will take up less space in your luggage, as well. Keep in mind that airlines do have a weight limit, so even though you are maximizing your luggage space, you don’t want to go over the weight limit per each piece of luggage.  You don’t want to pay fines for being over the allowed weight. Once you open your vacuum sealed items, you’ll want to be able to reseal them for the trip home, so consider traveling with a lightweight vacuum sealer or use alternative packing methods, such as storage packing cubes, Ziplock Bags, etc.  If a vacuum sealer will not be used, simply place weight on the items when repacking in zipper bags to remove air and create more space.

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