LEM Maxvac Vacuum Sealer Review

The LEM Maxvac Vacuum Sealer was created with the outdoors-man in mind and features both automatic and manual operations. This external unit has commercial grade sealing ability and is capable of withstanding hours of continuous use, which makes sealing game effortless.

No need to worry about the unit over-heating quickly, or breaking in between sealing sessions. With the LEM Maxvac, all your bulk vacuum sealing can be done at once. If you’ve been looking for a more effective way to accomplish your vacuum sealer task, or a more convenient storage method, the Maxvac vacuum sealer could very well assist with getting vacuum sealing done quickly and effectively.

As a gardener, hunter or fisherman, work goes into producing and maintaining quality fish, game, fruits and vegetables. Properly storing foods should be of the same importance in order to maintain quality of flavor, nutrients and overall freshness. It’s equally important for busy moms with active households to be able to pack and store leftovers and items purchased in bulk in a timely manner. This can be done with the help of a dependable vacuum sealer. This LEM food sealer is more than able to create efficient seals on packaging up to 14 inches wide which means even larger bags can be sealed with ease.

Using the LEM Maxvac Vacuum Sealer is simple. Simply prepare the unit for operations by plugging it up and turning on the power switch. The unit’s lights will begin to illuminate.and the fan will start to run. Prepare products for sealing and place them into bag packaging. Once the bag is ready to be sealed, place it in the center of the unit’s sealing chamber after smoothing out any wrinkles. Select the desired option. Once the sealing process is released, the unit will then release the bag and operations will be complete.

More on the LEM Vacuum Sealer

The LEM Maxvac features a stainless steel casing with easy to read buttons on top of the lid. Powerful performance can be contributed to the inclusion of a 28 hg piston pump. It’s equipped with everything needed to efficiently perform Food and non food vacuum sealing jobs. Read more on this unit’s features below.

Highlighted Features

28hg Piston Pump

  • Powerful commercial grade performance within a residential unit

Automatic and Manual Seal Options

  • Use the manual seal option for sealing bags only. This will limit the vacuum sealing process to two minutes.

Durable Design

  • Good quality and built strong. Stainless steel design with durable casing.

Pressure Sensor

Additional Features

Seal Strip

  • Can seal bags up to 14″ wide so sealing large quantities of food can be accomplished.

Moist Sealing Capabilities

  • The LEM Maxvac Vacuum Sealer is capable of sealing fish, game and other moist foods but it is advised to use a paper towel when doing so to keep moisture away from the seal strip.

Removable 6′ Cord 

  • Cord can easily be removed for cleaning and tucked away in the nearest kitchen drawer or other storing area for easy access.

Vented Panels

  • Front and back vented panels

Automatic Lid Release

  • Lid is released after operations is complete. Do not attempt to open the lid until it is released. The lid will release once the heating element is cooled.

Automatic Shut Off

  • Pump automatically shut off once vacuuming is complete

Continuous Operations

  • Capable of sealing for long-periods, up to 10 hours of continuous use.

LEM Maxvac Vacuum Sealer Video Overview

Included Accessories

10 Quart Size Bags Precut

10 Gallon Bags Precut

Optional Accessories

The LEM Maxvac vacuum sealer doesn’t have many listed reviews but it does come recommended by most owners. It currently have a rating of 4.3 stars gathered from 11 reviewers on Amazon. 

Users appreciate its durability, design and overall quality. This unit seems to perform well and is capable of longer sealing periods which can possibly be contributed to it piston pump. The vacuuming process is quick and easy. Listed below are some of the other reported pros.

  • Great for sealing any type of foods including moist foods.
  • High quality unit has a professional appearance
  • The manufacturer is know for creating quality products
  • Hunters have no problem with sealing moist game
  • Great Warranty

There were a few negative comments reported which included the amount of time it takes for the unit to be delivered. Delivery of course may be the fault of the shipper but has no bearings on performance. Other’s reported receiving defective units and having to send the unit back for replacements or repairs.

Users who had owned FoodSaver units did mention that they missed having a bag cutter. Holding the lid down for operations to begin was also an acknowledge inconvenience. Note that since the LEM Maxvac vacuum sealer is on heavier side, it would be best to create a permanent place for it on the counter-top.

This unit has overall good ratings. Most of the users insist that the unit creates reliable seals, is of good quality and is user friendly. Anyone who vacuum seal would be able to get effective and efficient use from this unit.

Cleaning and Care

Before cleaning this vacuum sealer, make sure the unit is powered off and unplugged. Use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe clean on the inside and outside of the unit. Completely dry the unit before engaging in operations.


Approximately 23.7 lbs; 17.2″ x 12.2″ x 5.9″


2 year warranty

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