Oliso Vacuum Sealer Pro1000 Review

The Oliso Vacuum Sealer allows you to take a practical approach to vacuum sealing. Whether you are looking to save money, keep foods fresher longer, or for a simple means of storing leftovers, this vacuum food sealer will assist with those everyday task and more. Use it for sealing, resealing, food vacuuming, storing and packing.

The Oliso Vacuum Sealer is not the fanciest vacuum sealer but it does come in a unique design with it’s own style. In any case, it does have decent reviews and seem to get the most basic vacuum sealing jobs done. The Oliso Vacuum Sealer would make a great replacement unit or work just as well as an everyday sealer.

However, if you are looking for a high power, semi-commercial or commercial food sealer, you may want to pass this one up.

More on The Oliso Vacuum Sealer Food Sealer Review

The  Oliso Vacuum Sealer Pro1000 comes with some nice features. It’s patented design  is in a class of its own and allows the user to have full control. All control options are on the lid and are labeled so that even novice users will be able to have a general understanding of how to operate this unit. Listed below is a breakdown of features and functions. To get the most out of this product or any other, the user manual should be referred to.


Highlighted Features

  • Automatic Control
    • Hands-free operation. Insert bag to begin vacuuming/sealing
  • Compact Design
    • Fits into any setting with ease
  • Air-tight Seal
    • Keep foods fresher longer
  • Powerful Performance
    • Professional Residential Sealer

Oliso Vacuum Sealer Features and Functions

Automatic Vacuuming and Sealing

Use the automatic feature by inserting the bag and pressing to start button

Stop Vacuum

Vacuuming and sealing fragile and delicate items? Use the cancel button to stop the process at anytime.

Food Type Option

Use the dry only option for dry foods and the moist option for damp or soggy foods

Punch and Seal System

No need for a bag cutter; Simply insert and seal

Light Indicators

Lights up when in use. Keeps the user informed of the vacuuming/sealing process.

Advanced Airtight Gaskets

Holds the bag in place against the sealing strip to create proper seal. Gaskets are non-porous which lessens the chance of foods being tainted.

Built-In Dry Tray

The built-in drip tray is in place to catch liquid spills. However, foods with more than slight moisture should be dried before sealing.

Using The Oliso Vacuum Sealer and Accessories

Built-In Flexi-Tube Accessory Port

Use when sealing jars, canisters, and other accessories. Insert one end into port and the other into the accessory being vacuumed. 

Included Accessories

Starter bags are included. May also include freshkeeper and accessory hose.

Optional Accessories

There are many accessories that will compliment this unit nicely and help the user to get the most out of this product. Listed below are a few.

  • Oliso Vac-Sac Gallon Size Bags
  • Oliso Vac-Sac Quast Size Bags
  • Oliso Frisper Freshkeeper

  • Oliso Vacuum Sealer Zip Disc

All of the above items and more can be found on Amazon.


6.5 x 8.3 x 4.2″ About 2 1/2 pounds

Consumer Reviews

Most of the reviews on this product comes from users who have previously owned a vacuum sealer and was looking for a replacement unit. Their were some reviews from individuals who received this item as a gift, some who had purchased their first vacuum sealer and some experienced users. The Oliso Vacuum Sealer small but powerful sealer seems more than capable of holding its own. 


I recommend using this vacuum sealer for basic, everyday sealing jobs. I would also suggest taking breaks in between to increase the life and overall performance of this unit. If you are on the market for a small but powerful unit this unit may be worth considering. However, if you are use to having customized bag sizes and more user control, this unit may not be the one for you. In alternate choice would be a FoodSaver model.

Consumer Ratings

4.3 out of 5 stars


Available in white

More Choices and Accessories

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