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The PolyScience 200 Vacuum Sealer is a residential, external unit with built-in features to accommodate everyday vacuum sealing needs with ease. Use it to seal foods, documents, camping supplies, and other valuables that may require long term storage or protecting. In the process, you’ll appreciate the money and time saving benefits that comes along with vacuum sealing.

Vacuum sealing is the ideal way to store foods and valuables. For busy moms, it can be used to prep foods for quick and easy access. Hunters and fisherman can protect their fresh catches and store them for long-term and short-term use. Gardeners can keep seasonal fruits and vegetables for future use while keeping color, nutrients, and taste in tact. It’s no wonder why everything from chips, veggies, dry foods, and meats are vacuum packed and stored. Imagine the money that would be lost by store owners who chose alternative methods of storing foods. 

The PolyScience 200 Series Vacuum Sealer features a retractable built in stand to be used when sealing liquids. The stand puts the unit in an elevated position, which helps to lessen the chances of liquids going into the unit when vacuum sealing. The stand is meant to help divert liquids away from the units internal components. However, I still would be hesitant to vacuum seal items that have a great deal of liquids included within the packaging.  This is just my observation and opinion based merely on my knowledge of how external units operate. I do not own the PolyScience 200 Series vacuum sealer.

Using the PolyScience 200 series vacuum sealer is pretty simple. Just raise up the lid, position the bag over the seal bar, and select option for manual or automatic operations. If automatic operations is selected, the vacuum sealer will run until all air is removed and bag is sealed. Once sealing is complete, the bag will be released automatically. You can than store the vacuum packed items for later use or use for sous vide cooking.

More On The PolyScience 200 Series Vacuum Sealer

The PolyScience 200 Series vacuum sealer comes in a simple, counter-top design. All buttons for operations are positioned on top of the unit and the accessory port and hose are located conveniently on the side, tucked behind a built-in storage compartment, which is also easy to access. The functions and features are easy enough to understand, even for novice users. Optional accessories can be purchased for added convenience.

Highlighted Features

Manual and/or Automatic Operations 

  • User can choose whether are not to use automatic or manual operations. If manual operations is chosen, the user will control when the unit start and stops. If automatic operates is chosen, the unit PolyScience 200 series vacuum sealer will start once bag is in place and desired option is selected. Once done, the unit will automatically shut off

Digital Display

  • Easy to read digital display shows progress when the unit is operating

Adjustable Heat Seal Level

  • Creates air-tight seals. Can be adjustable as needed based on food type

Fold Out Stand

  • Pull out when sealing packaging with liquids to avoid water getting inside the unit

Other Features

Instant Seal

  • Gives the user control when sealing delicate items. Stop and start as needed

External Accessory Hose

  • Flexible hose for use with canisters, containers and other accessories

Marinade Cycle

  • Use to marinade meats, veggies, and other foods. The marinade process is quick and easy

Built-In Bag Roll Storage

  • Bag rolls are stored conveniently underneath the units lid in a built-in compartment

Integrated Bag Cutter

Use the built-in bag cutter to create custom sized bags.

What’s Included inside the box?

  • Vacuum Sealer
  • 6 – 1 pint bags
  • 6 – 1 quart bags
  • 6 – 1 gallon bags
  • 1 – heat seal roll

Option Accessories

Having extra packing material is a great idea. However, I always suggest using the included items first to get a feel off which items (bag sizes or rolls) works best for your sealing needs.

Additional PolyScience Bags

Additional PolyScience Bag Rolls

Canisters and Containers

Pros, Cons, and Customer Reviews




Approximate weight 8lbs; 8 X 15 X 18″

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