Reinventing Vacuum Packed Leftovers

Vacuum packed leftovers should never be taken for granted. In today’s economy, we need to do everything we can to be resourceful. Storing our vacuum packed leftovers is one way to conserve money and make future meals quick and easy.

Vacuum Packed Leftovers

Get into a habit of storing your leftovers properly rather than tossing them out, whether now, or after they sit in the refrigerator for several days.  As soon as you are done with your meal, and the food has cooled, get out the storage containers or bags and vacuum seal leftovers. Then freeze them for future use.  Get the family involved, and make it a daily event.  If everyone helps out, the process will be simplified. It will build good memories for your children, as well as develop good habits for them.

Invest in what you need to make storing your foods quick and easy.  Decide if you want to use Mason Jars, plastic bags or plastic storage containers (you’ll probably decide on a variety), then make sure you have them on hand.  You might even want to invest in an extra freezer that you can keep in your basement, garage or other area of your home, that is dedicated for vacuum stored foods.

Packing Your Leftovers

It’s a good habit to store food as soon as it cools adequately.  You can always refrigerate it to speed up the cooling process, then vacuum seal and freeze it.  It’s a good idea to label your foods, too.  Many foods can look similar after being vacuum packed and sealed. Labeling helps you to find what you need in the freezer quickly and easily.  Remember, too, that it’s best to store foods separately to maintain flavors, quality and appeal.

Turning Today’s Leftovers Into Kids’ Favorites

Turn leftover foods into meals that kids will love.  For example:  add bacon and/or cheese to leftover vegetables for a BLT flavor combo kids will enjoy, or use leftover beef, chicken and pork to make tacos or nachos.  You can also add Sloppy Joe mix to leftover meats and place them inside a biscuit for a fun meal that kids can eat with their hands.

Adults can turn main dishes into delicious appetizers by using leftover vegetables and meats. It’s always nice to have extra food on hand for unexpected company.  Remove the thinking from meal planning, when you have plenty of leftover food options to choose from in the freezer.  It’s easy to throw together a delicious stew or soup, or make turkey sandwiches with the leftover meat from last week’s dinner.

Holiday Leftovers

Holiday leftovers are a gold mine when it comes to future meal planning.  You can make creamed turkey, turkey or ham sandwiches, split pea soup with ham, and more, all from your holiday leftovers.  Other quick meals you can make from vacuum packed leftovers include salads, soups and toppings.

Vacuum pack leftover pie and cake pieces, for easy and quick desserts for family and guests to enjoy in the future. Or, vacuum pack the entire pie or cake for future events such as an afternoon tea, an outdoor barbeque party, or to have extras at the next birthday party that you host.  Leftover desserts will offer you quick and easy options whenever your sweet-tooth speaks, too.

Enjoy the Benefits

After you have been saving leftovers for a couple of months, and your family is doing a good job keeping up with the routine, track your progress and reward the family with a night out to a movie or shopping.  Once you develop a habit of saving and storing your leftovers properly, you’ll realize how easy it really is and wonder why you didn’t start doing it sooner.

Keep track of your food budget, to. This will allow you to can just how much money you are saving by getting in the habit of storing leftover foods.  You’ll find you won’t be buying as much food, and you’ll increase your monthly savings, which can be used for other family events.

Reduce your food budget and increase your savings by reinventing your leftovers!

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