VacMaster Pro 110 Vacuum Sealer

If simplicity is your preference and you’re not a fan of fancy gadgets, the VacMaster Pro 110 Vacuum Sealer may be just right for you. Considering how effortless the upkeep is, it would be a good choice for college students living in dorms, bachelors, or anyone who prefers low maintenance appliances. Usually, the easier something is use, the chances of it being used increases. Pack and store foods for longer periods with the VacMaster Pro 110 vacuum sealer, without having to spend a great deal of time learning the in’s and out’s before putting it to use.

Being organized makes life a lot easier. Vacuum sealing items can reduce clutter and therefore help with organization, allowing for more storage options. Additionally, vacuum sealing reduces storage space utilized, creating more space for storing more items. Use it to store small household items, craft kits, jewelry kits, and more. The more you use your vacuum sealer, the more familiar you become with its capabilities. So why not form the vacuum sealing habit today!

The VacMaster Pro 110 vacuum sealer should not be expected to perform commercial grade sealing jobs nor should it be used for sealing packages with high volumes of liquids. A better option for vacuuming and sealing wet foods would be the VacMaster VP 112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. It’s compact style and slim design makes it suitable for residential use. Perhaps, the best thing about vacuum sealing is the amount of time and money you can save when putting it to use.

If you already own a heavy duty or chamber style vacuum sealer, and are looking for something more portable, the VacMaster Pro 110 may be worth considering. Or maybe, you’ve been thinking of getting a vacuum sealer, but had not quite determined which unit would best meet your needs or even your budget. This unit is affordable and with the money you save properly storing foods, it will likely pay for itself several times over, within the first year of owning it.

More on This Food Sealer

The Pro 110 vacuum sealer is not fancy, but it is equipped with features to help you get vacuum sealing chores done quickly and effectively. This unit is made of durable plastic, which means no rusting. It has a 12″ seal bar, adjustable vacuum sealing time, lid locks for holding bags in place, and a digital control panel. Read below for more details and a brief breakdown of features.

Highlighted Features

Automatic Operations Hands free operations so you don’t have to hold the button throughout the vacuum sealing process, in order for the unit to work. To operate, lay open end of the bag on the heat seal bar, close the lid and select the Vac/Seal option. The unit will then vacuum out the air, seal the bag and unlock once cycle is complete.


Control Panel

All buttons for operating the unit, including vac/seal, seal only, accessory, and the extended seal options, are located on the top of the vacuum sealer.

Power Indicator

Lights up when the vacuum sealer is being used.

Vac and Seal Button

Use this option for hands-free sealing. It should not be used when sealing accessories. Only use the vac/seal option when sealing bags. 

Seal Button

Use this option for sealing only and when making customized sized bags.

Accessory Option

Press this button when sealing canisters.

Extended Seal

Extends the sealing period

Cancel Button

Press to cancel operations. Can be used when sealing delicate items to avoid crushing.

Included Accessories

This unit comes with a variety of 20 pre-cut bags, which allows you to experiment with the different size bag options, before deciding what size bags will work best for your sealing needs.

Optional Accessories

Vacuum Sealing Tip: How To Vacuum Seal Flour Video

VacMaster Pro 110 Vacuum Sealer Pros and Cons

The VacMaster Pro 110 currently have very few reviews on Amazon. The overall rating is 4.0 out of 5 possible stars. There are several possibilities for the low number of reviews. The most likely reason is probably because the unit was only recently released.

Highlighted Pros

  • Good suction power
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy To Clean

This VacMaster is not made for sealing wet foods. Trying to do so will likely damage the unit. As mentioned earlier, a chamber style vacuum sealer would work best for sealing wet foods and foods with liquids.


18 x 9 x 6″; Approximately 5 lbs

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