VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer Review

Do something amazing for your kitchen by adding the VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer  to your collection of must have kitchen appliances. This VacMaster is perfect for tackling the toughest of vacuum sealing jobs. Its design will compliment any kitchen nicely and its performance will have you wondering how you’ve  ever lived without it.

The VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer comes with customization options to give the user full control. Built to last, this vacuum sealer is made of tough components that aids in its quality performance and durability.

The VacMaster Pro 260 keeps foods fresher for longer periods of time by removing air to create an airtight seal. Get the most out of your sealing efforts by taking advantage of its multi-functional capability. Use it to store items other than foods such as keepsakes, beads, important documents, and other small items. Great performance, quality, and durability is what this unit has to offer.

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The VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer is fitted with features to make everyday sealing jobs effortless. Integration makes it possible to get jobs done efficiently and effectively without the need for extras. The built in bag cutter eliminates the need for cutting utensils when sizing bags and the built-in roll storage and dispenser makes the task of vacuum sealing painless.

Other features make this unit a great choice for even the newest of vacuum sealers. Take advantage of the pulsevac feature when sealing delicate items for added protection. One touch operation allows for easy, automatic operations. Whether storing, sealing, marinating or pulse vacuuming, you’ll certainly appreciate all of the conveniences that comes with the VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer.

Highlighted Features


  • Automatic Operations
    • Easy hands-free, one button operation
  • Wide Seal Bar
    • More security for extra protection. Capable of sealing bags up to 12″ wide.
  • Integrated Accessories
    • Built-in accessories for more added convenience
  • Powerful Performance
    • Dual Piston Pump for enhanced suction power
  • Built-in Cooling System
    • Prevents overheating and allows for longer time frames of sealing
  • Roll Storage
    • Dual storage rolls; hold rolls in place
  • Integrated Cutter
    • Added convenience for sizing bags quickly with ease

Features of VacMaster Pro 260

Accessory Hose

Used with accessories and contained within the vacuum sealer. The port for the accessory hose is inside the vacuum sealer and the hose is permanently attached to the unit.

Accessory Mode Button

Use this feature to vacuum canisters and containers. Press down for approximately 5 seconds to start the vacuum cycle.

Automatic Lid Lock

Lid locks in place to secure bags.

Drip Tray

Built in drip tray catches liquid overflow and prevents mess. Tray is not removable.

Fan Cooler

Built in fan cooler allows for longer sealing periods and prevents overheating.

LED Display

Light up indicators to keep the user informed of vacuuming, sealing and marinating progress.


Marinate Mode Button

Use the marinate mode to quickly marinade your favorite foods. Process takes about 15 minutes.

On/Off Button

Controls power on and off button. Red light comes on to indicate the machine is on and all lights off indicates the machine is off.

Pulse Vacuum Button

Use when vacuuming delicate items to prevent damage. Press to take charge of vacuuming process.

Pump Type

Dual piston pump makes this unit more powerful when compared to similar vacuum sealers.

Seal Button

Press to start the sealing process and to stop operations.

Seal Time Adjusting Button

Use this feature to make adjustments to the seal time. Increase and reduce seal time as needed.

Start Button

Press down to start vacuuming bags using the automatic operations mode.

Included Accessories

Storage Bags

Mesh Rolls


Quick Start Guide/User Manual

Optional Accessories

VacMaster Pint Storage Bags

VacMaster Gallon Bags

VacMaster Foot Storage Rolls

VacMaster Zipper Bags


12.5 x 16 x 5.5 inches

VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer Overview

Consumer Reviews

Consumers are enjoying all that the VacMaster Pro 260 Vacuum Sealer has to offer including its performance. At the current time of writing this review, there’re a total of 13 reviews on Amazon. Out of the 13 reviews, 8 users gave this unit a perfect 5 star rating, 3 users gave it a 4 star rating, and 2 users gave this unit a 3 star rating. Their were no 2 or 1 star ratings which means at the very least, users were satisfied.

The reviews listed came from a mixed audience. Consumers who purchased the VacMaster Pro 260 as an upgrade were very pleased when they compared the VacMaster to their older vacuum sealers. A lot can be accomplished with this vacuum sealer and users of all backgrounds are saving both time and money by choosing to vacuum seal with the VacMaster Pro Vacuum Sealer.


The VacMaster Pro 260 performs well. Users were either very happy or somewhat satisfied and most of them would recommend it to a friend or family member.  The majority users left it out on the counter due to its size and frequency of use.  For best results, this unit should only be used for its intended purpose. Doing otherwise may cause lack of performance and possible damage that could voids the warranty.  This unit would be suitable for users with any vacuum sealing experience, as long as they have time to get to know the unit.

Consumer Ratings

 4.5 out of 5 stars


Black with Stainless Steel Lid


 1 year limited warranty

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