VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Use the VacMaster VP112 Portable Chamber Vacuum Sealer to seal foods, safeguard documents, protect delicate items, store crafting materials and more. With the VP112 you can expect more reliable seals. This allow users to accomplish more sealing in a shorter amount of time.

The VacMaster VP112 uses chamber technology throughout the sealing process. This technology offers a solution to the “less than adequate” sealing problem that often exist when sealing liquid rich foods with non-chamber sealers.

With chamber style food sealers, the entire bag is entered into the chamber unlike with non-chamber or external vacuum sealers which seals only the open end of the bag. Instead of partial removal of air, all air is removed out of the both the chamber and the bag pouch which allow liquids to remain inside of the sealed bag.

Sealing style is one of the biggest differences that exist between chamber and external vacuum sealers. Chamber technology allows for sealing to take place without the need for pre-freezing items with liquids. Other differences may include weight, portability, and cost of bags (bags for chamber style vacuum sealers are considerably less than bags for external sealers).

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The VacMaster’s  control panel is located on top of the unit. This is where you will find all of your controls, settings and buttons for operating the unit. Featured options include vacuum/seal and number display. Users can choose from light to moderate to heavy vacuuming and sealing. The vacuum gauge shows the amount of air that has been evacuated from the chamber and a built-in cooling system helps to prevent overheating.

The VP112 weighs in at approximately 50lbs. When compared to other residential units, it is a great deal heavier, but this is only by comparison to non chamber units. However, with a chamber style sealer, you can expect more effective seals, and achieve better overall performance. This helps ensure food safety when storing vacuum sealed foods.

Highlighted Features – VacMaster VP112



Chamber Style Vacuum Sealer

  • Bag placed inside the units chamber so that air is completely sucked out

Longer Sealing Periods

  • Fan-cooled motor; eliminates over-heating

Commercial Technology

  • Residential unit with powerful commercial performance
  • Air is completely vacuumed out of packing helping to keep liquids in place


Other Features

(+) Button

Increase vacuum or seal time

(-) Button

Decrease vacuum or seal time

LED Screen

Displays the on and off time

On/Off Button

Powers unit on and off for vacuuming and sealing

Seal Button

Use this button to control  seal time

Start Button

Press to begin the vacuuming or sealing process

Stop Button

Press  to stop the vacuuming or sealing process

Vac Button

Use this button to control the vacuuming time

Vacuum Gauge

Signifies the vacuum level inside the chamber

Additional Use

The VP112 is not just for sealing foods, but can also be used to protect valuables such as jewelry, coins, and more. It can also be used when packing emergency supplies for camping and hiking trips.


Starter bags are included with the VP112 but many optional accessories can be purchased including extra bags and canisters. VacMaster canisters are stackable and great for storing and marinating. VacMaster heavy duty bags are reasonably priced and can be used for boiling, microwaving, and freezing. Bags are available in a variety of sizes.


19.2 x 13 x 27.5 inches/ approximate weight 54lbs

Cleaning and Care

As with any appliance, always follow cleaning in care instructions as outlined within the manual. The vacuum sealer should always be powered off and unplugged before cleaning.

Customer Reviews

This VacMaster, although priced on the high end, is more affordable then most chamber style vacuum sealers. This unit would be especially appreciated by individuals who seal soups, stews and other liquid rich foods. While most vacuum sealers are capable of creating an effective seal when sealing dry food types, sealing moist foods or foods with liquids can be a problem. Chamber style vacuum sealers create more reliable seals with all food types regardless of moisture, dryness, etc. Sous-vide enthusiast benefit greatly from this style of vacuum sealer.

VacMaster VP112 Vacuum Sealer Video Overview


Overall, the VacMaster VP112 has good customer reviews. Because of it’s weight, most owners of the P112 have decided to create permanent housing space on the counter-top. Most users agree that storing this vacuum sealer inside a cabinet would be a bit of an inconvenience due to its bulkiness. For anyone just getting started with a chamber style vacuum sealer, this unit seems easy enough to operate. The user manual provides helpful tips and advice to many frequently asked questions. Customer service is also available for additional help.

Many of the reviewers have given helpful suggestions and tips. You can read those reviews. Some of the questions addressed includes, “Why use a cutting boards to keep the sealing area clean,” “Why use the included starter bags before purchasing additional bags,”  and “How to avoid crumples in bag pouches when sealing.”

Consumer Ratings

4.2 out of 5 stars

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