Vacmaster VP115 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

The VacMaster VP115 Vacuum Sealer is a chamber style unit ideal for large sealing jobs and everyday food sealing jobs, such as sealing leftovers or storing foods purchased in bulk. For anyone who vacuum seal to store, protect or preserve, the VP115 Vacuum Sealer can be a handy companion to help with many task, whether its sealing, marinating, or vacuuming.

Consider using it to accomplish other sealing needs such as protecting documents and pictures, or storing sewing kits, and a range of other items. There are countless things that can be sealed with the VacMaster VP115 vacuum sealer. You’ll find that saving money, saving time and food prepping, has never been so easy!

The VP115 uses chamber style technology. It has a basic design and is enclosed in a square shaped casing, which allows for bags to lay flat inside of the chamber. This unit does take up more counter top space when compared to FoodSaver brands and other external sealers. It is heavy, weighing in at about 60 lbs. Housing it on the counter-top may be a better option rather than placing it inside a cabinet, and removing it as needed. This of course will depend on the frequency of use.

The VacMaster VP115 vacuum sealer is equipped with practical and useful features for convenient and easy operations. This vacuum sealer is well suited for those who enjoy sous vide cooking or anyone who can appreciate the savings of buying in bulk or simply storing leftovers. The unit is reasonably priced, considering that it is a chamber style vacuum sealer. With a little research, you’ll quickly find out how costly chamber vacuum sealers can be.

More on the VacMaster VP115 Vacuum Sealer

The VacMaster VP115, at the time in which this review is written, this unit has only 6 reviews. This may be because the unit has recently been released or perhaps it is because not all purchasers have gotten around to leaving a review. I’m always hesitant to write reviews on units with few reviews or poor feedback and even more so hesitant to write reviews on units with no consumer reviews. However, it’s important for consumers to form their own opinion and it’s even more important for consumers to be informed of units which have been recently released. So don’t rule out this VacMaster without taking a closer look at its capabilities and features.

Highlighted Features

The VP115 is user friendly, with buttons located conveniently on the top lid. The options include on/off, set and seal. It is always helpful to refer to the included instructions to gain clear understanding of how the unit operates and how the features work. Listed below are brief descriptions of the units more popular features.

Key Highlighted Features

Commercial Technology

Residential vacuum sealer capable of commercial grade performance. Use at home or at your small deli or other store front.

Digital Control Panel

Easy to read control panel allows the user to stay informed of the operations process. It is located on the top of the lid near the buttons used for operating the unit.

Dual Piston Pump

Capable of creating air tight seals which means less work when sealing and accomplishing sealing jobs faster!

Key Highlighted Features

User Friendly

Buttons on the lid are easy to read. Effortless operations; no extra bells and whistles, but everything needed to perform effective vacuum sealing for short term or long-term food storage. Make quick changes to sealing and vacuuming times. To operate, simply insert bag into chamber and close lid for operations to begin.

Easy Maintenance

Simply wipe clean inside and out with a damp cloth after use.

Stainless Steel Construction

Body is made of stainless steel, which will last for years due to its durability. This stainless appliance will fit well into any setting.

Transparent Lid

Heavy duty lid is durable and will not crack easily. Allows the user to track sealing and is especially handy when sealing delicate items.

Seal Bar with Double-Seal Wire

Create wider, more secure and dependable seals. Seal pouches up to 11″ wide.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Video Overview

This video will provide a general overview of how chamber style vacuum sealers work.

Optional Accessories

Pros and Cons

Currently, the VacMaster VP115 has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is a bit expensive, but it’s performance and durability could deliver years of reliable use. Users are very please with the features as well as the design. It’s highly recommeded and users are very pleased with the results after sealing task are complete.


16.8 x 19.2 x 9.5″

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