Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer Review

The Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer is an Italian built unit with automatic and manual operations. It comes in an attractive design featuring a stainless steel constructed case. This unit is a top of the line suction style vacuum sealer that performs well under pressure. With the Elite Vacuum Sealer even moist foods to be sealed effectively without damaging the units internal components.

Although not recommended for commercial use, this residential style vacuum sealer has commercial grade durability. Additionally, the included two year warranty and five year service contract is one of the best guaranties included with any vacuum sealer.

The Vacupack Elite Vacuum Sealer powerful performance can be contributed to its piston pump, one of a kind crimping heat seal bar, and channel style design. It’s capable of handling high usage without over heating and can do so without needing to create multiple seals. For users who perform a lot of vacuum sealing jobs, the time spent on packing food items can be reduce drastically.

The Vacupack Sealer handles moist foods very well. Because pressure is not being placed on the bag, liquids stays in place during the vacuum sealing process. With non chamber style units, when sealing moist foods, liquids are also vacuumed as the air is sucked out.

The Vacupack food sealer allows the user to stop the vacuuming process before moisture gets to the top of the bag. When liquids begin to move, pushing the seal button will activate heat and the user can stop the process once the liquids can no longer be seen moving within the bag. The elevated snorkel also prevents moisture from being drawn into the pump.

Liquids that reach the heat bar does not stop the unit from creating effective seals, allowing moist foods to be securely sealed with this sealer, allowing for better long-term food storage.  It’s crimping heat sealing system creates a more efficient seal when compared to vacuum sealers that generate a flat seal.

VacuPack Elite Vacuum Sealer Highlighted Features

This Vacuum Sealer is user friendly and features six buttons on the top of the unit. These buttons are easily accessible and allow for easy operations. It’s sophisticated design would look great in any kitchen setting.

  • Powerful Performance: Users can seal 35-60 bags per sealing session without the need for a breaking period
  • Durable Design: Cased constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Crimping Heat Seal Bar: Creates effective, secure seals up to 12.5 inches across

Other Features

  • On/off Button: Powers the unit on and off.
  • Moisture Trap: Redirects water away from the pump to eliminate damaging the unit.
  • Cooling Motor: Longer vacuum sealing periods can take place without the unit overheating. Motor runs so that in between breaks are not needed.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: No rusting, easy to clean, preferred design.
  • Manual Control Setting: Gives the user full control. This cycle will run until the user shut the unit off or choose another setting.
  • Pump Only Option: Run the pump only option when the heat cycle is not needed. Use when vacuum packing jars.
  • Seal Timer: Use to adjust seal time. Automatically defaults to 3.

Bag rolls can be used for packing customization, however, there is no attached bag cutter. Bags will need to be cut first and prior to using, the bottom will need to be sealed. This unit uses standard textured bag and is capable of sealing jars and bags. The accessory hose port for use with accessories can be found on the inside of the channel.

Recommended Accessories

Vacupack 4 Mil Rolls – 11.5″ x 20′

Vacupack Replacement Rolls – 6″ x 20′

Vacupack Vacuum Sealer Pros and Cons


Stainless Steel Construction

Consumer Ratings

Average Rating 4.5 out 5 stars


It comes with a 2 year warranty and includes a 5 year service contract.

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