Vacuum Packing Clothes Tips

Vacuum packing clothes can be just as beneficial as vacuum packing foods.  You can vacuum pack clothing for travel, storage, protection and extra space.  When you pack clothes properly, vacuum packing clothes can also protect the items and help preserve their quality.

You should only seal clean, dry clothes, and always pack them in size-appropriate bags.  When you place the clothing in bags, it’s a good idea to include an oxygen absorber packet to keep in with the clothes, if you’re using a vacuum sealer that does not remove the oxygen.  Remove excess air with your hands first by pressing down on the clothing in the bag, then insert the open end of the bag being sealed into the vacuum sealer, or use an attached hose.

Vacuum Packing For Storage

Clothing items and fads come and go.  What’s in style today, will more than likely be back in style a few years later.  Instead of throwing out old clothing, consider saving them.  Chances are, they will be back in style in no time.

Also, consider saving old Halloween costumes, ballet tutus and other special occasion outfits for use at a later time. Vacuum seal clothing to keep them preserved and clean.  If you end up keeping too many outfits throughout the years, you can always have a garage sale or bring some items to a thrift or consignment shop.

Vacuum Packing Clothes For Extra Space

You can vacuum pack clothes that hang and still keep them hanging on a clothes rack. However, they will take up much less room when sealed, and they’ll stay fresh and clean, as well.  You might also consider vacuum packing seasonal clothing, such as spring/summer clothing and fall/winter clothing, or special holiday outfits, too.  This will free up space for the current season’s clothes, and it will help decrease clutter in your closet and bedroom areas.

Outdoor Events and Travel

Vacuum pack an extra set of clothing when going to the park, the beach, the zoo, and anywhere else you take your children.  Messes happen, and it’s nice to be prepared with extra sets of clothing.  You can also vacuum pack clothes for camping and other outdoor trips.  Vacuum packed clothing takes up less space in a tote bag, backpack or luggage. It’s a great way to keep extra items on hand for emergencies, too.  Some people choose to keep extra kids clothing in their trunk year-around just in case it’s needed.  You never know when you might need an extra change of clothing for yourself or your children.  Be smart and be prepared.

Vacuum Sealing Clothes Video Demonstration

Both external and chamber vacuum sealers can be used for vacuum packing clothes.  Taking the time to vacuum pack clothes can help items to stay in tact and organized.  Vacuum packing clothes also offers water-proof protection. It’s a great way to keep clothing on hand for emergencies.  You can store bulky clothes, such as winter coats, in vacuum space-saving bags, to keep them clean between seasons and to free up drawer space for clothes that are currently in season.

Vacuum packing your clothing is a great way to stay organized, keep your clothes clean and dry and preserve out-of-style fashion trends until they come back in style.  It also helps you free up space, organize your home and closet spaces and keep things handy when needed.

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