Vacuum Packing Storage Ideas

Vacuum packing items comes with many benefits and a vacuum sealer is a must-have for today’s family.  It helps you stay organized, save time and money, and optimize your storing spaces.  There are many items that can be stored by vacuum sealing them, such as emergency kits for camping, seasonal clothing, documents and photos, jewelry and silverware.  Keep items free from dust, tarnishing and more by packing them well and vacuum sealing them.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Ever considered packing your arts and crafts projects. You can save your children’s school projects and other important documents by vacuum packing and sealing. Doing so helps to prevent oxygen, moisture and other hazards from breaking down the papers.  Keep valuable documents and books safe in the event of a flood, smoke from fire or other accidents by vacuum sealing them.  To make sure you don’t seal in any moisture, it is recommended that you store the papers in a dry environment, or put them in a container of uncooked rice for 1-2 days.  The rice will absorb any moisture in the papers.

Marinating Foods By Vacuum Packing

Marinating meats and vegetables can often take up to 12 hours due to the process involved.  You can shorten this time by vacuum packing and sealing your marinated foods by way of the marinating feature on many units.  Small cuts of meat, roasts, steak, sliced vegetables, and so on taste good and are more succulent when marinated.  You’ll enjoy the rich flavors and great taste of marinated foods!

Simply cut the meat or vegetables into appropriate sizes, and prepare your marinade according to your recipe.  Put the meat in a quality vacuum-able bag then pour your marinade over it.  Manipulate the marinade over your food by rubbing the outside of the bag until the food is covered.  Make sure you leave at least an inch of clean space without any marinade at the top of your bag, then vacuum seal it.  You then leave it in your refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes, then cook it the way you desire.

You can also purchase vacuum sealing containers, if you prefer to vacuum seal in a container rather than a bag.  Follow the instruction on your food vacuum sealer for canister sealing, but there are some general steps that might help you.  Put your meat or vegetables in the canister and put enough marinade in to cover the food.  If your vacuum sealer has auto marinating, you simply press the marinade button.  If it doesn’t have that feature then all you do is extract all the air from the canister using the vacuum only function.  Leave it like this for about 6 minutes then disconnect the tube and allow the container to aerate for 3 minutes or so.

Some vacuum sealers come with marinade containers that you can use for marinating foods.  Most of them will allow this feature with bags, though, but read the features before purchasing, if you want the vacuum sealer to do anything special.

Storing Dry Foods

It is very easy to store dry foods by vacuum sealing them in mylar bags or Mason Jars.  If you use a dehydrator to dry your foods, simply follow that process and allow foods to dry completely before placing them in the bags or jars.  After you have put them in, simply follow the instructions on your food vacuum sealer to perform the sealing, and you’ll be able to keep dry foods for years, when you store them in a cool, dry place.

Dehydrated foods can easily be re-hydrated by placing them in water and allowing them to come back to their original composition.

You can store anything from vegetables and fruits, to herbs and spices.  These are quick and easy to add to soups, stews and other food items.

When you vacuum seal your dry foods, it keeps air out, and they last longer and retain fabulous flavor details.

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Traveling Vacuum Packing Ideas

If you travel with family or friends, why not consider vacuum sealing items to take along with you.  This way you can pack individual snacks for everyone, or keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer periods of time.  You can even vacuum seal your very own emergency first aid kit, eating utensils, extra tools, in case your car breaks down, and even your clothing, so it won’t take up as much room in your luggage, thus allowing you to pack more items for your trip. Additionally. if you travel a lot by way of RV, a handheld vacuum sealer would be a handy accessory

Packing Up Large Quantities of Seasonal Foods

If you fish or hunt for seasonal game, then you will benefit from vacuum packing and sealing your foods.  You can keep your fish and wild game fresh to enjoy it year around when you vacuum seal it.

Invite guests over to enjoy a special fish dinner any time of the year, or hand out some of your deer meat to friends and family anytime they stop by.  It will stay fresh for years when you vacuum seal it and place it in your freezer.

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