Vacuum Packing for Unexpected Events

Vacuum packing for unexpected events can alleviate some of the stress associated with emergency packing.  Use your vacuum sealer to prepare for emergencies, such as natural disasters, unexpected flooding, power outages, etc., and  other trips. Be prepared with vacuum sealed foods such as dried fruits, trail mixes, canned goods and more.

You can also vacuum seal and pack important documents such as car papers, birth certificates, marriage and death certificate, along with any other important documents, and have them readily available to grab when you need them. When an emergency arises you can your important documents safe by grabbing by taking them with you. You might also want to vacuum seal and pack toiletries, so you can grab them when needed, if an emergency arises, or in case you have unexpected guests who didn’t bring their own personal items for a variety of reasons.

It’s a good idea to have a box or plastic bin filled with vacuum sealed foods and first aid essentials, and have it labeled, so you can grab it quickly and head to the basement or out of the house. Vacuum packing items in advance is a simple process that can be very beneficial when emergencies occur.

Vacuum Packing Snacks

Preparing Snack Packs: During hurricane season, or in case of a power outage, it’s a good idea to have healthy and filling snack foods on hand, in case you can’t cook. Often times, refrigerated foods go bad when power outages occur.  Vacuum packing foods in advance gives you a jump start. If you expect bad weather is headed your way, you can easily and quickly cook some of the stored foods.

Some foods to consider vacuum sealing include trail mixes (make your own for good, quality mixes), nuts, granola bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, etc. Any of these foods will hold well for long term, and kids and adults alike will enjoy them. These are also great to have on hand for school lunches, after school snacks, slumber parties, and so on. These foods can be used, then you can easily re-seal and pack more as often as you like.

Dehydrated Foods

Preparing Dehydrated Foods: Vacuum packing dried fruits such as berries, apples, bananas, pineapples, coconuts, watermelon, etc. and dehydrated vegetables such as carrots, beets, celery, cucumber, etc., are healthy snacks you’ll want to have on hand not only for emergency situations, but for lunches and after school snacks. Take these to work, too, for a healthy snack in-between meals. These make awesome snacks when traveling, too!

First Aid Kits and Toiletries

Packing First Aid Kits: Some items to include in your vacuum sealed first aid kits include general pain relievers, bandages, antiseptic wipes, a pocket knife, small scissors, ointment, gauze, and anything else you use on a regular basis. Make and pack first aid flash cards for different scenarios, too. Go over them with your family periodically, so everyone will know what to do in an emergency. Keep these items on hand for quick access during travel, special outings, and late night events.

Prepacked Toiletries: Packing toiletries give you quick access to items used for maintaining health. Vacuum packed toiletries are great to have on hand for unexpected guests, emergency trips and air and road travel. Some items you’ll want to consider packing include liquid hand soap, bar soap, toothpaste, wipes, shampoo, cotton swabs, a comb, a brush, sunscreen, hairspray, makeup, etc. Travel with vacuum sealed toiletries wherever you go. They are great to take with you on camping and hiking trips, family vacations and during any other outings.

Linen and Other Items

Packing Comforters and Pillows: Vacuum packing and sealing comforters and other bed linens is a great way to store them, and to make more room in your closets and other storage areas, but it’s also a neat way to keep things handy for unexpected guests and sudden overnight trips. Pack these items to keep them dust free and easy to access when needed.

Pre-Packing Kids’ Necessities: If you have children, especially younger children, it’s a good idea
to keep some of their favorite activities vacuum sealed for trips, to keep the kids entertained on the way there and back. Also having these items packed and ready to go on overnight stays with family and friends is also a good idea. Consider packing coloring books, activity books, sticker books, crayons, washable markers, travel games such as Go Fish and Old Maid, board games, etc. Also doodle boards, or other small items that can be used for kids’ entertainment.

Other: Other items you might want to keep on hand and vacuum sealed for trips, etc., include emergency travel maps or atlases and books, if you enjoy reading. Vacuum packing under garments and a few outfits is also a good idea.

Keep your emergency vacuum packed items together in one spot, so you can easily grab them when needed. One box or container with a lid would work well. Vacuum sealed and packed items can last for years, however, you can use them as you wish, then re-seal more to keep stored. Items will remain in good condition when vacuum sealed and and stored properly. Be prepared for any situation that arises by having extra food, first aid kits and toiletries on hand!

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