Vacuum Sealer FAQ’s

How Do Vacuum Sealers Work?

Vacuum sealers work by removing the air from packages and then sealing the items in them.  Not all are created equal, so do your research before purchasing one for your home or business.

How Do I Know Which Sealer Will Best Fit My Needs? 

This will vary from person to person based on household size, types of foods and other items being sealed and the frequency of use.  For example, a two-member household may not necessarily use a vacuum sealer as often as a five-member household.  A gardener may require a vacuum food sealer that can handle hours of use, and a bachelor may only need to use his sealer one time per week or less.  Additionally, those using the appliance for sous vide applications would need a chamber style unit, whereas an external sealer would work fine for someone who seals mostly dry foods.

Is One Brand Better Than Another? 

Not really.  Some brands are more popular than others, but because they all have different features, it would not be appropriate to label one brand as being better than the other.  However, different style vacuum sealers will be better suited for different individual needs.

Can I Use an External Sealer for Sealing Wet Foods?  

Yes and No. Yes…If the wet foods are first placed in the freezer to harden.  Otherwise, doing so may damage the unit.  Another option would be to place a paper towel inside the bag being sealed, to catch liquids.  However, there are many external sealers than can be used when marinating, because they are equipped with a marinade option. A chamber sealer is recommended for sealing foods with liquids. So, an external unit should not be used to seal foods with liquids unless the liquids are frozen.

Can I Use a Vacuum Sealer for Sealing Moist Foods? 

In some cases, yes.  Remember that each unit is different, and you should always refer to the user manual for answers to questions. Again, a paper towel should be placed inside the bag being sealed to catch liquids

Does Vacuum Sealing Really Help to Save Households Money?  If so, How? 

Vacuum sealing helps many households to decrease their food budgets by hundreds of dollars every year.  Traditional storage methods do not offer the most secure protection for food items.  Vacuum sealing foods will extend their life, keeping them fresher for up to five times longer.  It also helps stored foods to maintain flavor, color and important nutrients, when sealed properly.

What Types of Items, Other Than Food, Can I Seal with a Vacuum Sealer?

Many sealers can be used for sealing clothing, linens, first aid kits, craft items, jewelry, documents, receipts, toys and much more.  Store everything from your children’s school projects to their baby clothing, then hand them down as your children become adults.  Keep important documents free from dust, water and damage by vacuum sealing them.  Keep clothing and linen clean and out of the way.  Vacuum pack items for traveling and emergencies.  The possibilities are almost endless.

What Should I Do if My Unit Stops Working?

Refer to the user manual that comes with each unit.  There should be a trouble-shooting page that will help.  If the solution cannot be found, call the manufacturer.  If it’s within a certain number of days from the purchase date (usually 30), you can normally exchange the unit or get a refund.  Many units come with limited warranties that range from 1-5 years.  Always test your appliancer upon arrival to make sure that it has no defects, even if you’re not ready to put it to use.

Can I Use My Unit for Marinating Foods?  

Many vacuum sealers can be used for marinating foods.  Just look for one with a marinade mode.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Appliance? 

Refer to the user instructions.  If you don’t have it, call the manufacturer for help, or see if you can find a copy of the instructions online.

Other Than Saving Money, How Else Can I Benefit from Vacuum Sealing? 

Vacuum sealing foods in advance can help you to cut down on daily food prep time.  It can also aid in helping you to maintain healthy portions of food, thus you can experience a healthier lifestyle.  Vacuum sealing foods preserve their flavors, colors and important nutrients, too, thus allowing you to experience food at its finest, even months or years after it has been vacuum sealed.  It’s a great way to prepare for large holiday parties, and keeps any leftovers at their optimum quality.  Keep foods on hand for guests and family members, and vacuum seal healthy snacks for kids’ lunches and after school treats.

There are many benefits to vacuum sealing!  You can make more room in your closet, pantry and attic by vacuum sealing items, and you can keep foods, first aid kits and other items handy in case of emergencies and power outages.  Pack toys, games, makeup, jewelry and more for trips, too.

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