Vacuum Sealing Foods Holiday Prepping Tips

Make Vacuum Sealing Foods apart of your holiday prepping techniques and take advantage of great time and money saving benefits. Being prepared for the unexpected, shopping for items in advance and cooking ahead of time can alleviate the stress involved with holiday meal planning. So continue reading to below for more information.

Prepare for the Unexpected

It always nice when you have guests arrive to offer them something to eat, whether that includes a full meal with you and your family or dessert and coffee.  One way to be prepared for unexpected guests is to keep extra food available in your freezer or pantry.  A great way to do this is by vacuum sealing foods in bags, Mason Jars and plastic containers.  For example bake an extra pie or other dessert, and vacuum seal it, then place it in your freezer to take out for guests.

You can also dehydrate foods and vacuum seal them in Mason Jars, then store them in your pantry to nibble on or to add to quick soups and stews.

Vacuum seal foods make great holiday gifts. Be prepared for unexpected guests by keeping fresh preserves and candy in Mason Jars, or whole cakes and pies in the freezer.  Add items that you’ve preserved to a fresh fruit basket, too, for a nice variety of foods that guests will love.

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Vacuum sealing foods allows you to prep for meals in advance.  You can cut up fresh herbs and other seasonings, meats and vegetables months ahead of time, then vacuum seal them and store them until needed.  This makes preparing your holiday meals quicker and easier.  Store herbs and dehydrated foods in vacuum sealed containers and meats and vegetables in vacuum sealed bags, then in your freezer.  Food will keep for years, so there’s no need to worry about extras not being used.

Being Creative with Leftovers 

Save your leftovers for future meals and even for your next holiday meal.  Why not offer a buffet of meats and vegetables for Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and more?  Or use leftover meats and vegetables in other entrees for your holiday meals, such as soups, appetizers, dressings, and so on.

Use leftovers that have been vacuum sealed and frozen to make delicious tacos, pasta dishes and more. Additionally, they make great finger foods that kids will love.

You can also vacuum pack food for your kids who are in college, to keep foods fresh while they are away, so they can enjoy their favorites every time they come home.  Remember to pack some for them to take back to college with them.

When you vacuum pack special portions of food, you can also offer some to guests when they leave, to enjoy during their travels, or when they get home.

Baking in Advance 

If you are like many people who have large family gatherings for the holidays, you probably cook large meals and offer a big variety of desserts.  Consider baking your pies and other desserts ahead of time and vacuum sealing them.  Doing this will take the pressure off of you during the holiday time and allow you to spend more time with your family.  You can vacuum seal breads, cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, tortes, and more for your holiday gatherings.  It’s also a great way to give homemade gifts to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Who doesn’t enjoy homemade goodies for gifts?  Give some to church members, your children’s teachers, and so on.  This is an inexpensive way to touch those around you during the holidays.

The next time you make dessert for your family, make extras and vacuum seal them for a later time!

Beat the Crowds

Holiday grocery shopping can be a nightmare, especially if you go when everyone else is shopping.  When you vacuum seal and store your foods, you can make your food shopping lists well in advance, and purchase foods in bulk and on sale, then vacuum seal and store them until the holidays.

Make sure you take advantage of after-holiday sales, too, by stocking up on holiday jars, plates and other decor to use the following year.

Shopping in advance will help you to beat the holiday crowds. Spreading your shopping out over a period of time can reduce your food budget.

Invest in Tools and Appliances to Get the Job Done Easily

Some tools and appliances that you should invest in to help you prepare for your holiday meals and gift giving include a nice set of knives, cheese graters, vegetable peelers, vacuum sealers, mixers, choppers and other cooking utensils.  Good quality products will offer you many years of service, and are well worth the initial investment, especially when you put them to use.

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